The Vault of Thoth50 + Years of Transmissions and Insights

The Vault of Thoth contains Maia’s monthly publications from 1980-1999. These writings are based on her insights gleaned from the Thoth Akasha, as well as direct transmissions from Thoth Intelligence. In addition, there are old manuscripts she wrote in the 1970’s on these topics and other fragments of her writings in the early years. This treasure chest of information is for subscribing members only and is a montly subscribion of $20.

If you are a montly subscriber you will have received the code for the locked Vault. You may Log In.

If you wish to become a monthly subscriber, please use the Become Subscriber button to join the Vault. When you sign up on her PayPal page, please email Maia and let her know you are subscribing to the Vault and she will send you the login code.

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