Your Spirit Guide

About the Spirit Guide Portraits

I will create a portrait of one of your prominent Spirit Guides as they choose to appear to you. The one who comes forward is the entity you most need to be aware of and commune with at this time. You will also receive a name and several sentences concerning that particular presentation of the entity as it chooses to appear to you in the portrait.

Understand that it will not be an exact likeness as I am creating these images with the help of AI art. However, it is being over-lighted by my mentor THOTH and the Spirit Guide wishing to come through, so I feel confident that the likeness given will be a dynamic presentation of that being in frequency. I also feel it to be close enough in appearance that you would recognize him or her if they walked into the room.

In some cases, the Spirit Guide may appear in a non-human form, if it is in an incarnation of a morphogenetic being. These are incarnations which souls can take upon them, although many have incarnations as humans as well. They do this for many different reasons, but the core purpose is to be able to tap into deeper pathways of the universal All.

If you wish to pursue a greater understanding of your Spirit Guide you may do so in a consultation with me. Given that these are an hour long, be prepared to explore other topics during that time as well.

I use different art styles as I am guided, so that the particular being can be shown in its most conductive expression. It is not a one style fits all.

To order the high-resolution image at $75 which includes a brief description, click the button to pay with PayPal and be sure to put in the PayPal info box you are ordering a Spirit Guide Portrait.

Examples of Spirit Guide Portraits

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