My Relationship to ThothHorRa

ThothHorRa (his "New Earth Star" name) has been my inner-planes mentor through many lifetimes. In a few of my incarnations (according to what I have been shown in the Akasha) I knew him in his physical presence. His life as Thoth, Raismes of Aphra was once such lifetime. I began my conscious connection to the ultra terrestrial beings at the age of four, but at that time this was only one vivid experience, At 17 I began to experience communication and visual experiences with them. My mother also saw them, and on two occasions that I recall, we saw these beings together in my bedroom. It was these benevolent ones who instructed me from an early age. They told me I would come to communicate with my "benefactor" or mentor. It was in 1977, ten years later, that this communication began. It was Thoth who brought the "blueprints" for the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) to Earth from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion, and oversaw its construction. Later as Thoth, Raismes of Aphra he would orchestrate the rebuilding of the Temple after the Great Flood.

The Many Faces of Thoth

ThothHorRa the Avatar
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In Hinduism "avatar" means "a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher." In the virtual worlds, such as Second Life, they are the image you use to navigate with and communicate through in that world. ThothHorRa for me is both. Although I would qualify the first definition for him as a manifestation of a divine teacher and realized soul able to either incarnate or project physicality at will. Since my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa requested that I bring him into the virtual world of Second Life some eleven years ago, I have been on a never-ending quest to create an in-world avatar that in nature and energy and to some degree, physically, resembled this New Earth form. Eleven years ago, Second Life (SL) was quite primitive compared to today (2020). In all these years, I have never really been satisfied with my attempts to create his true image...until now. No doubt I will continue to refine it, but I am very pleased with my current version.

When you create an avatar in SL, there is the SHAPE, the BODY, the HEAD and the SKIN. How that avatar looks is determined by the combination, which you purchase separately (although mesh heads generally come with a beginner shape). The shape is modifiable. To create your unique look in an avatar, you work with the shape to change the features. They can only be modified so much, but there are many different heads to start with (from different stores). Then, you are choosing what skin to applied from many, many different ones available.When you put this altogether, you come up with a unique look. This is what I have done with my own personal Avatar, Thoth's and his Twin Flame, Sara'Fana A'Du'Ra.

So why would Thoth request he be imaged in Second Life? Briefly, Second Life is a virtual environment. WE live in another virtual environment...yet ours is perceived as more physical. By employing the use of the virtual world, certain etheric transfers can be made between the two, especially if the intention is projected to do so.

Just before the first day of 2020, I created this most recent avatar of ThothHorRa, and also his abode in Second Life. In actuality, he abides within the Inner Earth in the "Blue Mountains, along with Sarafana and other members of the Merkabah of the Host. He also employs that same form in projecting into the future "New Earth." About Thoth's Temple House— the real one is of course not reproduced exactly in the virtual SL. I strove to capture the essence of it. Some things ring truer, like the adobe of the house, the Saluka dogs (his are white), and a few other small things.

SaRaFana A'DuRa—Twin Flame of Thoth
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When I began my first conscious experiences with the Illumined Master Thoth in 1977, I did not know about his Twin Flame Soul. It was some years later that he told me of this soul and its incarnations in female form with him in Egypt. She was not his wife, but a Priestess-Oracle whom he consulted and confided in. Of course these two souls have had many lives together. Thoth requested that I bring his form into the Virtual of Second Life in 2008. About two years later he asked for SaRafana (or Serafina as I believe I called her then), to be present there as well.

Thoth had already been giving discourses to groups in the Pyramid Temple above the New Earth Star Estate. Now SaRafana began to do so as well, in a palace I created for her on the land by the shore. While I kept these two avatars, things changed in my life and I no longer had the time or priority to continue the gathering in Second Life ...Thoth's, SaRafana's or mine (in my own avatar). As of  January, 2020 I have been asked to focus upon them again, most especially Thoth, but SaRafana is present as well. I do not know if I will continue with gatherings in the future, but for the time-being, these avatars will be present in some key videos and artworks. More importantly as I stated in ThothHorRa The Avatar, holding intention with them in this format opens a portal for them to move through my communion and work more freely and into the current world stream.

Like ThothHorRa, Sarafana now dwells in the Inner Earth Domain, and moves through the Portals into the New Earth. They live in a complex within the Blue Mountains, not far from the city of Seraphim. Thoth's Temple House is is own. His presence, work and energy resides there. SaRafana has her own Temple House as well, connected to his. Not far from this complex are others for other members of the Merkabah of the Host. I have not communed all that much with SaRaFana other than her discourses given in Second Life. I do feel her presence through Thoth at times and feel a warmth between us but she is not my "Guru" as Thoth is. Only recently have I thought of him as my guru. I was communing with Yogananda (something that has been happening for me recently), and I asked him if he was my guru. He told me "No, Thoth is your guru. I am your friend." Only recently have I been able to create his image in close facsimile to how he now appears in Inner Earth/New Earth embodiment. This due to the technological advances in Second Life. It is true also of SaRafana.

Mages of Seraphim
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Following the insights revealed to me of the City of Seraphim in the Inner Earth, my mentor ThothHorRa's presence there and my own knowing of the alternate incarnation I have in Seraphim, I continue the story here.

There is a gathering of souls within Seraphim some of which are incarnate on this surface earth. They are what we will call here the "Mages", a name suggested by Thoth. While my association with Thoth began before my birth and was consciously introduced to me in 1967 (then I began conscious communication with him in 1977), my deeper understanding of my incarnation as Mi'Kala within this city as one of the Mages (along with others whom I know in this lifetime), is more recent. Although I knew about Mi'Kala as early as 1976 and I named my doll at age four a similar name, only recently have I come to understand how this relates to a larger grouping of souls—the Mages—who companion and work with Thoth in the Inner Earth.

The Mages are not wizened masters, but they do have a clear duty, a design of purpose, that causes them to be directly involved with the Thothic Program of Light which is under the authority of the Mandate of Lord Mikael. I do not at this time know how many "Mages" there are. They do all seem to reside the Greater Seraphim (of which the City is in the center). There are those like Mi'Kala who are very "human" and seek to serve in such a role. Then there are the more advanced who, who while still human, are more in-tune with the greater spectrum.

Beyond the Mages are the Ilumanaries—ThothHorRa, Sa'Ra'Fana, and the rest of the Merkabah of the Host. In the mix within the Inner Earth and thus integrated into Seraphim as well, are the Star Kindred. It is they who opened the path for human migrations into the Interior of the planet and supply them with ultra-technology.

Thoth and The Christ
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Thoth is what I (Maia) refers to as a Grand Illuminari. While his purpose and function in the spiritual Hierarchy that serves the earth in its evolutionary progression is somewhat different than that which was accomplished by the Christed Master Jesus (Yeshua/I'shoa), it is nonetheless complimentary and the activities of Thoth fall under the authority of the Office of the Christ. The Office of the Christ is a direct spiritual deliverance from the Most High and Holy God to the human soul. As such this Office is beyond the scope of any Hierarchical agency, function, or specific station of Light. The individual divine beings which serve under this authority such as Angels, Archangels, Masters, and Illuminaries offer themselves to this Office in divine service. However the potential of divine issuance available through the Office of the Christ is not limited by the capacity of any of these Hierarchical beings or agencies, they only serve as a co-creative facilitative force with the Office of the Christ.

Jesus' and Thoth's souls are two of the 9 souls of the Adam Kadmon Supra-Being which holds the form of the pure divine image, or Image and Similitude (Heb: Bat:salmaynu-Kidmoothenu), for the earth. In fact, the higher akashic records of the earth reveal that only 3 of these 9 souls have ever had any experience upon the earth in an actual embodiment. The third of the nine Adam Kadmon souls which has had incarnate experience on the earth is the second Christic soul. This soul is differentiated from the pristine Christic soul of Jesus, in that it took a path of incarnate service in the earth through a series of lifetimes prior to Jesus' birth. The purpose in doing so, was so that a proper genetic lineage could be prepared for the one and only divine incarnation of the Christed Master Jesus. As of 2016 it was revealed to me that this incarnational Jesus soul was the same as that which embodied in Osiris. The soul of Thoth has also taken numerous embodiments prior to and since, the time of the Master Jesus. His purpose was to become engaged with the earth's genetic strain without becoming karmically involved. Other ascended Masters have taken karmic involvement with the earth in order to blaze a fiery trail back to the Divine Kingdom so that others could follow their lead. Thoth has been assigned the function of being here to help hold the envelope of Light through which the Ascended Masters were commissioned to blaze the path back to. The soul of Jesus however, incarnated upon the earth to lift the karmic veil of the earth for the many beautiful souls who had become entangled within the snares of matter. This great soul did not become karmically involved with earth either, despite the physical tribulations He endured. The element which made this possible is the supreme manifestation of His Divine Love. When a soul is in the expression of Divine Love to the degree that the Christed Master Jesus was, then there is nothing that a fallen world such as earth can do to place a stain upon it. Thus, He "died for our sins," meaning that He made an ultimate sacrifice of physical incarnation in a world wrought with cruelty, materialism and hatred as a divine service to the souls of the earth, including those who in the end destroyed His physical life and form.

Thoth's embodiments before the time of Jesus were designed to hold a specific focus for the primary Christic soul of Jesus (the Pure Soul). This focus was a complimentary and balancing force for the work of the second Christic soul (Osiris), which was within incarnate experience and of necessity was also karmically engaged with the earth in order to prepare the genetic lineage and path for Jesus' incarnation. It was intended that the Pure Soul of Jesus should incarnate only once upon the earth, thus the secondary Christic soul and Thoth's soul offered themselves to help prepare the way for His coming. Both Thoth's and Jesus' souls are from the higher stellar worlds of Light in Orion, worlds referred to as the Mazaloth (2 Kings 23:5) in the Holy Bible. Thoth brought the Enochian Table to the earth from Orion from which the design for the Great Pyramid at Giza was derived. He was known to us then as Thoth Raismes of Aphra, an embodiment he had in the ancient Egyptian experience. It must be understood that the most ancient Egyptian culture which dates back much further than current archaeological information indicates, was working with a monotheistic format and included symbolic and conceptual elements that are comparable to the current Christian symbology and theology. It was only later in history as the degradation of the Egyptian and many other cultures became prominent, that the numerous archetypal deities which represented the various aspects and qualities of divine issuance, became associated with a separative and polytheistic expression.

Thoth is also a divine archetype. Divine archetypes are patterns of consciousness. Many times these archetypes are imbued with the essence of a soul who exemplified and embodied the pattern. Other times they are universal and have no corollary to any specific soul. The archetype of Thoth could be best be described as one which holds the pattern for spiritualization of higher intelligence, mind, and ego through the consciousness of the heart. Thoth's current purpose is interacting with the souls of the earth in order to revivify the sacred mysteries of the entire earthen experience so that we might recapture the golden essence of those experiences within our souls and then carry that forth into the future as a heritage for the New Earth. These sacred mysteries as revealed by Thoth, are held in a special Akasha repository called the 'Records of Thoth.' In brief, these records hold much of the pure sacred knowledge form for the planet. You could think of them as an original record of the planet's entire sacred history. We can use the analogy of a computer hard drive. If you were going to let someone work with some valuable computer files and wanted to be sure you did not lose their original form, you would make an additional copy on your disk or place a copy in the Cloud. This way the original version could be referenced from time to time to be sure that the alterations which are being made still contain the essence of the original. The second copy corresponds to the Records of Thoth.

There are akashic records which are commonly available to all the souls of earth as part of their evolutionary process. As this process is taking place, the akashic records (the available copy) are of necessity being altered as well. While much of the alteration serves a positive purpose, many times the records are also purposefully manipulated by dark forces or slightly distorted through the misunderstandings and limited perceptions of those using them. Thus, when Thoth allows information from the Record of Thoth to be released at various points in the planetary experience, the original knowledge is reintroduced and provides a correction to the current accessible version. This occurs in a way where the useful knowledge which has been added to the original as part of the earth's evolutionary process is maintained as well. Thoth has shown me (Maia) how as I translate his Akasha and release it to the world, so it corrects certain portions of the original. I am certainly not stating that this is the only way they are being corrected. It is just one example of this process.

Thoth, Osiris & Orion—Differing Views
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Thoth, Osiris and Orion. Through the years all three have been viewed by some as POSITIVE and others as NEGATIVE. This includes channeled sources. More recently this is coming up again with Thoth where some are saying he was/is "Annunaki," or what my Thoth-Source refers to as the Nephilim. I cannot possibly argue or debate this topic. No one can. Channeled material is always largely subjective. Mythical stories usually contain a mixture of truth and falsity. My statement on it can only be the following...

Consciously since 1967 (from the age of 16-17) I have been guided by what I believe to be highly spiritual beings who told me I would soon be in contact with my "Benefactor." This Benefactor/Mentor first revealed himself to me some 10 years later and told me he was Thoth Hermes. He later gave me his incarnated name when he was in Egypt as Raismes of Aphra. His title was Thoth. He informed me that he had been a "Thoth" long before on this Earth as well. The first one coming from Rigel in Orion and the second having that bloodline, but born in Tibet, living in Atlantis and then Egypt as Thoth, Rasimes of Aphra. To cover all these and more he now refers to himself as ThothHorRa.

Since 1977 he has been my friend and mentor. Thoth and the Beings he sent to me before him raised me, since I know they were with me from birth. I remember an astral trip into a mountain where they taught me things. I was then four years old. I stand as evidence to the integrity of those who raised me. I had loving human parents certainly although my father died when I was ten, but also these incredible beings...Thoth primarily. I cannot say truly WHAT this subjective life experience really IS...if the Beings are who they say they are, or maybe just all aspects of my Higher Self. I can say it is not my lower self. Nothing but GOOD has ever come from this Source. Even in some instances, lives have been saved, mine included! The information I have written and spoken from this source-experience for now over 55 years speaks for itself in regard to the light that shines through it. Is every word of it true? I have no idea, as all translators are fallible, but it SHINES nonetheless. From my Thoth Source, the following has been gleaned...

"Thoth" or the more ancient "Tehuti" is a title. It was first given as Toth (minus the first "h" in pronunciation) to the soul of the being I commune with. Later he incarnated in Tibet but as a "Blue Star Solarian." His Creation Star (as is mine) is the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. Once again he was given the title of Tehuti/Thoth, as it was known from his birth that he was the incarnation of the first Toth. There have been no others on Earth to assume this title legitimately, but others who have taken it nonetheless. These fake Thoths are few but they are sprinkled throughout time since Toth MUZURUD came to Earth from Rigel. Did some Annunaki decide to assume that title? Possibly. I do not know. Thoth has stated to me that actually there were some Annunaki who said, "Enough. What we are doing here (on earth) is not good." These who refused to go further were the reason the Annunaki left the planet when they did. However Thoth was not Annunaki. He was from among the Solarian Shepherd Race which is composed of Beings from Orion (not just Rigel), Sirius and the Pleiades. Other Star Teams were to come forward and join them in later times. As for Osiris, according to my Thoth, he was one of the two souls of I'shoa (Jesus).

I conclude by stating that really, everything is inside you. So Thoth, Osiris and the whole of Orion is inside ME. Therefore my life, conduct and integrity reveals to all, the LIGHT I drink from.

The Sun Born
  • Aboriginal Song Keeper

    Aboriginal Song Keeper

  • Horus


  • Imenhotep.


  • Lord Melchizedek

    Lord Melchizedek

  • Mak Tu Zu

    Mak Tu Zu

  • Menon


  • Osiris at Mt. Kailash

    Osiris at Mt. Kailash

  • Osiris


  • Shush al Mundra

    Shush al Mundra

  • Star Lion Priestess

    Star Lion Priestess

  • Thoth Radiant Sun

    Thoth Radiant Sun

  • Touskhis  a Mazur Grail King

    Touskhis a Mazur Grail King

  • Tzar a Lemurian Timewalker

    Tzar a Lemurian Timewalker

  • Xmu Guardian of Crystal Skulls

    Xmu Guardian of Crystal Skulls

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I have entitled this article "The Sun Born" but it really encompasses a larger picture. I have written and spoken on much of this before in bits and pieces. Here I wish to pull it all together in a brief but concise understanding.

The Sun Born were originally called the "Pure Born." They were born on this Earth with genetics of the "Sun Races", Beings from worlds of the Metatronic or Full Light Spectrum. They were primarily from the Sovereign Worlds of Orion (Blue Star Rigel) the Pleiades and Sirius although some were from other star systems. The Pure Born project as we might call it was not intended to create a "super race" on Earth. It was to seed all humanity with the para-genetics of Enlightenment through the higher development of the already present M-Stra Molecule within the human being. Also, by breeding more "Pure Born," there would be more humans who could lead humanity back to the embrace of the full spectrum of what we call "Divinity."

The actual project began in Atlantis where a whole lot of messing around with genetics had caused problems. Then there was the Annunaki thing. Thanks to Eniki (no, he was not the Thoth soul), the greater plan of the Annunaki which was/is re-designing the M-Stra Molecule for their own purposes, had not been successful and Eniki persuaded them to leave the planet. They had left Earth but had done genetic damage to Earth's kind (not just humans) while here. The Annunaki created what Thoth is referring to as the "Slave gene." This was bio-engineered and placed into the human hosts they used for labor as well as genetic research. This "Slave gene" was very specific. It created a strong proclivity for the following:

  • To fear and obey the "superiors." To define these superiors as being those with wealth, power and who had white skin.  Now, not all Annunaki had white skin or even human-looking skin for that matter, but the "Controllers" did. They were the ones the Slave Force served.

  • To fear and distrust. To feel extremely threatened by all other races and peoples different from them or their Masters. While not all the Slaves had white skin at first or even looked alike, as more of the Annunaki "White Blondes" genes were used to attempt to convert the M-Stra Molecule, the Slaves became lighter-skinned and more alike in features and mindset.

  • To fear any change which might liberate them from the status quo.

One of the ways the Annunaki employed to keep them down this track was to feed them the flesh of a creature they created especially for this purpose. We have a descendant of this creature among us now, and humanity consumes large quantities of its flesh. We call them Bovines or Cows. The important factor to understand here is that racism and violence against those who are different is a genetic trait, which was placed into the human strain by the Annunaki Over-Lords. This does not mean that everyone born with this gene is doomed to serve it. Evolved souls are often born into families carrying this gene in order to purify that family tree, via para-genetics.

Returning to the Sun Born...

This race was primarily white and blonde as well, simply because this particular group of Star Beings were in the majority of those set to the task of restoring and guiding Planet Earth. But not all Sun Born were fair-skinned. The soul who was known in mythology as Osiris was a Sun Lord who came here from the Blue Star Rigel and had blue-black skin. He was one of the most "divine" souls to enter the Earth Realm, and was one of the two souls of I'shoa (Jesus). There were others among the Shining Ones who graced this planet wearing in flesh dark skins, and some with silver sheen and golden tones. So "Tall Blondes" can be both good guys (Sun Lords) and bad guys (Annunaki, etc). There is a story behind the relationship of the two types of course, but I won't add this to my "brief" treatise on the Sun Born.

Sun Lords are those from among either the Sun Born (born here on Earth) or who came directly to this planet who are especially charged with the frequency of Metatronic Light. Out of the Sun Lords are then another smaller group, which Thoth calls the "Illuminari." Thoth is one such Illuminari as well as Osiris, Isis, Horus and certain other beings who come to us through mythology. We might see the Illumanari as the High Priests/Priestesses of the Sun Lords. Sun Lords and their Solar genetics are related more directly to the "Living Lights" inhabiting the star-suns. We know these Living Lights as "angels." I have depicted Thoth Raismes of Aphra not as an Egyptian but fair-skinned and blonde. He was born in Tibet but not of the current races of Tibet. He was of the Sun Born.

From my old "Poser" portraits of Thoth Raismes and Osiris, respectively. Thoth's hair was much lighter but I could not get it any lighter in the 3D software of the time. More Poser-created Sun Born are shown here as well. Included also, are Osiris and another Sun Lord I depicted with a virtual avatar in Second Life. Thoth Raises

The Lamp of Korbor and the Golden Temple
  • Lamp of Korbor

    Lamp of Korbor

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Thoth showed me a golden "Aladdin's" Lamp sitting on a small ornate table. I asked him what I was seeing and his reply—a special, ancient lamp that he had acquired during his incarnation as the Walk-In to Ashoka (Asoka), the emperor of India. He told me that it came from Persia and was the source of the legend of Aladdin's Lamp! It now sat in his Temple house within the Inner Earth Domain. How he managed to retrieve it I didn't ask, but I am being shown now that Ashoka placed it in a cavern along with other sacred things. As ThothHorRa, he would have been able to transfer it to his Inner World home. This lamp indeed has magical powers. Of course all "magic" is simply science we don't yet understand. One didn't rub it to make a wish with a genie popping out. He said that it was a sophisticated device for manifestation, but did not go into detail concerning its operation.

Then later, he showed me the Golden Temple. It is located in the city of Seraphim, not far from Conclave of the Merkabah of the Host where he lives. This temple is a source of manifestation as well. It is for healing, restoration, spiritual communion (as any holy place would be) and to experience connection with one's self in other dimensions or incarnations. I knew there was even more to it but that is all I have received so far. He said that we, in our Domain, may remotely enter this temple as well. I am hoping he will give me a process for this soon. But you may simply wish to find your own way into the Golden Temple.

The Nine Sun Spirits and Akhenaten's Promise
  • Nine Sun Spirits

    Nine Sun Spirits

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In February of 2019, while our Crestone Johannine Templars were together meditating, I had an inner vision of a man obviously to me a High Illuminari. I felt that he was the soul of ThothHorRa, my inner planes mentor, but he did not appear as any of the “faces” I have seen him embody before. Previously there was: Tothmuszurud, Thoth Raismes of Aphra, Thoth Ami and then more recently ThothHorRa of the New Earth Star. This one was none of those,not only in appearance, but in Presence. Yet I felt the Thothic Being nonetheless.

Later, I requested information from Thoth and received that he as appearing as U’shael, his higher Soul Self. This name was familar to me, as in the 1990’s when I had asked for a name for his Highest Being, he gave me U’shael. However, now he informed me that U’shael was you might say, a “point man” for all nine Sun Spirit Souls, of which he is one. Please pause for a moment in reading this article to read about the brief Akashic definition of the Nine Sun Spirits. This is not what Thoth has called “layered souls” where souls are stacked in one incarnation. It is more of an infusion from a higher realm. In the image above you will see my attempt to capture the visage of U’shael as I saw him. While it is most certainly not identical to him, after hours of work, I believe it comes fairly close. I asked why Thoth appeared to me in this way and at this time. In the vision, he was walking around us (four in the room) and sprinkling pink rose petals, as Michael Henry Dunn played the harmonium and sang. He replied that now was the time for the Sun Spirits to unite in preparing the World for the New Era (beginning in 2020) in which those among humanity who choose (through vibrational similitude) to enter the  La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus (Pyramidis Radius Matrix) in prepartion for Light Principle 40.

 Akhenaten, Nefertiti and the City of Armana Thoth calls Akhenaten the last Solar Lord/Shepherd King to be invested upon the Earth. There is a long story concerning the Solar Lords as Shepherd Kings, which I will not go into here, but These beings: Solar Lords also called Shepherd Kings (and Queens) are our true Kindred upon the Earth…not the Anunnaki! Akhenaten and Nefertiti were the Shepherding King and Queen who made a Last Stand for the our Kindred on this planet. Even though they were brought down by the AMUN (Archonic servants), they accomplished a great deal in their short reign, some of which is awaiting an Awakening. Thoth reveals to me that Akhenaten was a reincarnation of Osiris (one of the nine Sun Spirits). Although actually I should not use the term “reincarnation” as Osiris never reincarnated again in the standard sense of the word. According to Thoth, he “Timewalked” into his son Horus and in some other incarnated ones, including Akhenaten. I honestly have yet to grasp how this “timewalking” into form works. So I will just say for now that Osiris entered the form of Akhenaten. No, I do not receive that Nefertiti was Isis. Beneath the city of Amarna is an underground complex created by Akhenaten and his Queen. This complex—the ARATU—awaits its future. I will write more about it another time, but just say here that it contains “machines” for a future time.

The Shepherd King and Queen of Amarna developed the Sacred Hives of Khansi (a garden area named for Nefertiti’s brother who had died). The bees of these hives were prayed over and chanted to. They became large and quite golden in color. They were fed a special monoatomic formula and also given Shungite powder within their hives. The King and Queen believed that these sacred bees helped them to commune with their Starry Kindred of the Sun. Note: Since Shungite is known only to come from one place in Russia, I asked how they possibly obtained it. I received that it was “brought” to them by the Star Kindred.

Akhenaten’s Promise Had Akhenaten fulfilled his life mission he (as the Osiris Timewalker) would have “timewalked” back into form for the prepartion to receive the Pure Soul Sun Spirit of I’shoa into incarnation in that body in Egypt. This was the first chosen place and time to do so. However, because the Mission was interrupted, the  Akhenaten-Osirian soul moved into the next level or receipt within the Middle Eastern region to become the “Holy Land.” Yet as Akhenaten prepared to leave the body he placed his “soul seal” upon the Creational Matrix as a “Promise” that the original Timeline of the Christing in the Earth would return to join the separating reality. Then the two would be one, and the Miracles which would have issued forth from an Egyptian Birth of Christ would be given to the Earth before the New Earth was upon us. I was guided by U’shael-Thoth to create not only the portrait of U’shael, but a medallion as well. Then I was to place the medallion into a psionic template of Light Mathematic numbers each summoning the frequency of an elemental being. There are a total of nine in this template, each connecting to a Sun Spirit. Each string contains ten numbers, ten being the Solar number. Thoth states that the Medallion is “infused” with these elemental beings, registered through their crystals and powders.

Below is the template you may download and place it on your altar to work with the Sun Spirit Presence in your energy bodies.

Thoth Amii
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In 2002 I received the awareness that the Illumined Master "Thoth" (his soul-name given to me as "U'shael") had reincarnated into current embodiment on earth. I have now been guided to release this insight via "Timely Transmissions." According to my Thothic perception and akashic insights, the Thoth U'shael soul merged with an already incarnated young man of 25 who had been consciously prepared to receive the "U'shael" soul. This is not what is commonly referred to as a "walk-in" but is instead a layering of souls and beyond, to a merging of these two souls for the period of this incarnation.

The current Thoth U'shael incarnation for the purpose of this transmission is given the name of "Thoth Amii", meaning (Thoth) "one who gives breath to" (Ami) "divine accord" or "centered being". His actual longer name is "Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada." Thoth Amii's host body was manifested (did not enter through a physical birth) within the inner earth domain and then projected to the surface of the planet at the location of the Valley of the Blue Star in Tibet. He also traveled to a remote part of Egypt then journeyed to Tibet where he received soul-mergence with U'shael. The U'shael soul as Thoth Raismes still resides within the inner earth. Thus, Thoth Amii is a further projection of U'shael into this planet now forming a two-node aspect uniting with a third point/embodiment within the blue star Rigel of Orion (Toth-mus-zurud-still a viable embodiment). The "trinitizing" of U'shael is currently focused in the space-time of our planetary cycle.

Thoth Amii is now projecting the capstone ray of the three-fold ray of "Divine Breath" that is unique in signature to the Thothic Streaming, into the etheric bandwidth of the earth. This "three-fold Breath" is gradually expanding the natural breath of the etheric wave-form of the earth and is inter-penetrating both the lunar and solar shells of the planet, creating a "cosmic" circuit of the Breath as well.

The Thoth U'shael "Magna" or Oversoul is now facilitating the Christic flow through the earth by reinforcing the planetary sacred Breath. By intentionally placing ourselves within the Crucible of the Thoth-Breath, so we may be gathered into the greater matrix of the planetary Breath. Practice breathing through the heart while feeling, sensing, knowing the Thoth-Breath within you which is a natural function of the human-planetary whole; yet is at this time being facilitated by the Three-Foldness of the incarnating soul, Thoth U'shael.

As Thoth Amii continues to anchor his new incarnation among us with this electro-magnetic zone of earth, so we may find a loving tutor of the Breath within our direct energy field. Where is Thoth Amii now? He seems to travel between Tibet, India and Egypt. Being one of the "Immortals" his mode of "travel" is usually a manner of changing vibration to another location in space-time.

The Incarnation of Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada (Thoth Amii) U'shael has revealed to me that he is experiencing his first incarnation in this dimension of earth since Christian Rosencreutz. This incarnation will be of a single layer—that of the soul of U'shael and not a combination of several souls. However, he will be surrounded with a shield of streaming Light from his merkabah of souls, the Chariot of the Sun.

He revealed to me what this body would look like, and I saw a man with light tan skin and deep indigo eyes. His hair was long and black. While there were some features about him that looked Eastern, it was not entirely so. He could easily pass for French or even from a dark Celtic linage. I asked him what race he would be and he informed me that his was a mixture of ALL original pure races on the planet. When I say "pure" it is meant that the races we have now all come from "pure strains" which have gone through many changes. U'shael's new incarnated body is genetically composed of all the original pure strains of these races.

This current incarnation will be a new "Thoth" or "Tehuti." This is a specific Teaching Linage through which he has incarnated twice before in the past. His name as the new Tehuti would then be "Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada," or "Thoth Amii" as a form of the name showing respect and emphasizing his role as a Thoth.

What is the purpose of this incarnation? U'shael reveals it to me in this way. The primary purpose of the incarnation of Thoth Amii is to insert and anchor the Light codes U'shael carries into the earth in a new way. A new delivery of the Thoth Linage. The Thoth Teaching Linage is one of making way for the Christic power in the earth. In all its activity so this is its primary agenda. The mission of Thoth Amii specifically is to set a new reference point in the minds and hearts of specific spiritual teachers on the planet, so as to accommodate the plan and purpose of the Christ in the 21st century, and in preparation for the coming cycles leading to the vibrational ascension of souls into the New Earth Star reality.

Thoth Amii will not dwell solely in Tibet. He will travel to various locations on the planet, mostly through teleportation—a means used by other living Masters, such as Babaji. He will collect about him a small group of men and women, most of whom come from the inhabitants of the Valley of the Blue Star, but also from some other locations as well. He will not reveal himself publicly in any way, but only specifically to spiritual teachers at certain times and places. His greater work will simply be "to be" anchor his Living Flame in the earth. His inner earth embodiment as Thoth Raismes will continue, as this is in another dimension of the earth's reality.

Thoth Hermes Trismesgistus
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While Thoth has never mentioned to me the white powder in the Sinai Temple mentioned in a video which has since been taken off YouTube, he has given me information on the same substance within a Temple of MU. The Lemurian symbol for Scorpio was a winged creature, part bird and part serpent, lifting Phoenix-like from a nest of flames. This was the Gheza, the mythic being involved both in the illusion of form and in the process of transformation simultaneously. This creature was to represent the intrinsic role of matter when thrust into the realm of form. The ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis knew the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio to be the gate or door of the spiritual temple. It offered the incarnate soul entrance into the place of greater mystery. Around the temple of this greater mystery was the labyrinth courtyard, the field of lesser mysteries. But once a candidate entered through the gate of Scorpio they entered the Grand Way, the realm of true manifestation within Divine Law. The candidate then became the true initiate, and began to 'know' that which previously they could only sense and contemplate.

Thoth speaks... The cry of Scorpio to the ancients was "Feed me, for I feed the flame!" It was a sign representing the insatiable hunger of the soul to absolve the bonds of form and embrace the eternal formless self; to merge with the universe in the bliss of divine reunion. It is through the gateway of Scorpio aided by the Lords of Form, that humanity will come to its final conclusion in the Old Earth and move through the door of the temple into the Grand Way of the New Earth Star. When the earth is under the Zodiacal influence of Scorpio, the Zodiacal threshold which emanates through that sign into the earth triggers a series of celestial programs of return, facilitating the earth in "dropping the frame" as the ancients used to say. This allows the earth to move into a new and more etherealized formation. In time, this will result in the earth's ascension into the New Earth Star.

In the very early days of MU (Lemuria) when there was little seasonal difference, the stars were not so variable in position within the heavens, for the earth's axis was not tilted to the degree that it is in your current age. There was a temple site located at a point that aligned to Scorpio when it was in its most prominent position in the heavens. This alignment held for much of the time in those days due to the earth's axial alignment of the time. In those ancient days, what you know as "death" was still a new experience for earth souls. Not long before that time these same souls had simply materialized within semi-etheric bodies which were simply converted to new forms (versus going through the death process) that would last for another cycle of "time." However, when the Temple of Scorpio was built, the souls of the earth were just beginning to leave the old physical form entirely behind at transition out of necessity due to the increasing state of entropy in matter. They were, however, still able to inhabit a single form for several thousand years if they so desired. When they did finally leave these forms, they would go through a process of regeneration on the inner planes before re-incarnating once again in order to gradually adjust to the increasing density of Earth's corporeal reality. This was a staggering blow to Earth's souls—that they would be kept from the fluid process of existence on Earth they once had known so well. Yet they also realized that they themselves had created the limited reality in which they now must live.

The Temple of Scorpio was built primarily for the purpose of souls leaving the body. In those days, an incarnated soul knew of their coming transition well before the moment it would occur. They would then proceed to the Temple of Scorpio where they would undergo their transition much like the yogis of the East are able to achieve in our current time. Under the direct influence of Scorpio, and within a temple aligned to its celestial power for this specific purpose, the soul was granted a swifter and more powerful release through the lower astral density. This granted the soul a graceful passage into the higher heavens, where it would be prepared for eventual incarnate return. Of course even though there were far fewer souls incarnate on the planet then, not all humans could flock to this one temple at the time of their transition. Thus those who wished for this ultimate experience were presented in a ceremony at the age of maturity, which was determined by a form of oracular procedure. For those who actually came to the temple to leave the body they were first bathed in water which had been charged with the stellar energy of Scorpio. Then the 'wayfarer,' as they were called, was dressed in white linen and laid within a sarcophagus resembling the one in the king's chamber of the Pyramid of Giza.

The Temple of Scorpio was a pyramid also, and the chamber containing the Sarcophagus of Ascent was positioned at exactly the same point as it is in the Great Pyramid. The latter was known in the days of my time in Egypt as the "Temple of the Risen One." It was from the sarcophagus in the Temple of Scorpio in Lemuria that the soul would arise from the body into the cosmos like the Scorpio being called Gheza, leaving a fine white powder behind rather than a dead body. This powder was a form of Prima Matra or "First Sacred Matter," similar in nature to what is now being called the White Powder of Gold in the New Age community. Only through this specific initiation within a temple thus aligned, could such a complete transmutation be possible in that age. Those who were not able to get to the Temple of Scorpio for their transition left the corporeal form behind, although a greater portion of its essence was lifted into an etherealized form than in your current age. During the time when I oversaw construction of the Temple of the Risen One in Egypt, so this temple was also employed for such purposes amongst others. Yet it was not geo-astronomically aligned to Scorpio, for there were other influences and purposes involving this temple which called for different cosmic alignments. Nevertheless, Scorpio still played a celestial and energetic role in the transmutation of the body within the Chamber of Ascension as it had in the Temple of Scorpio in Lemuria. In these ancient Egyptian times, the powder which was left behind after the soul's transition was known as 'cum,' meaning 'sweet fire.' In pure alchemical procedure, 'sweet fire' is that which is taken out of the 'sour' or dis-harmonic dimension and brought into 'sweetness' or union with the divine through the fiery experience of rapture, or union.

From Maia...Thoth actually only wrote in journals and basic notes for teaching the teachers in his Academy at the City of ON in Egypt. All other of his extensive "Books" were "flamed" by him into the Akasha. From there his akashic scribes translated this library into written books. There were certainly more than one book! However there is a "Book of Thoth" which was a composite of some of his Wisdom.

Thoth as Ashoka the Great
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"Ashoka the Great's symbol, the ashoka chakra with 24 spokes. Each spoke depicts one hour of the day, portraying the prevalence of righteousness all the 24 hours of it. It is featured in the center of the current flag of India."

My inner planes mentor Thoth (ThothHorRa) revealed to me several years ago that one of his incarnations was as the Indian ruler, Ashoka. That the soul of Thoth entered the mortal being of Ashoka as what we now call a "walk-in." Historically, as a King, Ashoka conquered many lands and people, resulting in the slaughter of thousands. However after he had acquired a large kingdom in this manner he suddenly renounced violence and became a Buddhist! It was at this point, so says ThothHorRa, that he (Thoth) entered the being Ashoka.

It was upon the great river that Askoka fell face forward from the horse's back and unconscious, his soul came out of his body and mine entered therein. ThothHorRa

From Wikipedia... Ashoka, popularly known as Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from 269 BC to 232 BC. One of India's greatest emperors, Ashoka reigned over most of present-day India after a number of military conquests.

Renowned British author and social critic H.G. Wells in his bestselling two-volume work, The Outline of History (1920), wrote of emperor Ashoka:

In the history of the world there have been thousands of kings and emperors who called themselves 'their highnesses,' 'their majesties,' and 'their exalted majesties' and so on. They shone for a brief moment, and as quickly disappeared. But Ashoka shines and shines brightly like a bright star, even unto this day. Prominent in this cause were his son Venerable Mahindra and daughter Sanghamitra (whose name means "friend of the Sangha"), who established Buddhism in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). He built thousands of Stupas and Viharas for Buddhist followers. The Stupas of Sanchi are world famous and the stupa named Sanchi Stupa was built by Emperor Ashoka. During the remaining portion of Ashoka's reign, he pursued an official policy of nonviolence (ahimsa). Even the unnecessary slaughter or mutilation of people was immediately abolished. Everyone became protected by the king's law against sport hunting and branding. Limited hunting was permitted for consumption reasons but Ashoka also promoted the concept of vegetarianism. Ashoka also showed mercy to those imprisoned, allowing them leave for the outside a day of the year. He attempted to raise the professional ambition of the common man by building universities for study, and water transit and irrigation systems for trade and agriculture. He treated his subjects as equals regardless of their religion, politics and caste. The kingdoms surrounding his, so easily overthrown, were instead made to be well-respected allies.

He is acclaimed for constructing hospitals for animals and renovating major roads throughout India. After this transformation, Ashoka came to be known as Dhammashoka (Sanskrit), meaning Ashoka, the follower of Dharma. Ashoka defined the main principles of dharma (dhamma) as nonviolence, tolerance of all sects and opinions, obedience to parents, respect for the Brahmans and other religious teachers and priests, liberality towards friends, humane treatment of servants, and generosity towards all. These principles suggest a general ethic of behaviour to which no religious or social group could object.

The source of much of our knowledge of Ashoka is the many inscriptions he had carved on pillars and rocks throughout the empire. Emperor Ashoka is known as Piyadasi (in Pali) or Priyadarshi (in Sanskrit) meaning "good looking" or "favored by the gods with good blessing". All his inscriptions have the imperial touch and show compassionate loving. He addressed his people as his "children". These inscriptions promoted Buddhist morality and encouraged nonviolence and adherence to Dharma (duty or proper behavior)...

Ashoka's own words as known from his Edicts are: "All men are my children. I am like a father to them. As every father desires the good and the happiness of his children, I wish that all men should be happy always." Edward D'Cruz interprets the Ashokan dharma as a "religion to be used as a symbol of a new imperial unity and a cementing force to weld the diverse and heterogeneous elements of the empire".

Also, in the Edicts, Ashoka mentions Hellenistic kings of the period as converts to Buddhism, although no Hellenic historical record of this event remain. The conquest by Dharma has been won here, on the borders, and even six hundred yojanas (5,400–9,600 km) away, where the Greek king Antiochos rules, beyond there where the four kings named Ptolemy, Antigonos, Magas and Alexander rule, likewise in the south among the Cholas, the Pandyas, and as far as Tamraparni (Sri Lanka). Edicts of Ashoka, Rock Edict 13 (S. Dhammika)

Ashoka also claims that he encouraged the development of herbal medicine, for human and nonhuman animals, in their territories. Everywhere within Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi's [Ashoka's] domain, and among the people beyond the borders, the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Satiyaputras, the Keralaputras, as far as Tamraparni and where the Greek king Antiochos rules, and among the kings who are neighbors of Antiochos, everywhere has Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi, made provision for two types of medical treatment: medical treatment for humans and medical treatment for animals. Wherever medical herbs suitable for humans or animals are not available, I have had them imported and grown. Wherever medical roots or fruits are not available I have had them imported and grown. Along roads I have had wells dug and trees planted for the benefit of humans and animals. Edicts of Ashoka, Rock Edict 2

The Greeks in India even seem to have played an active role in the propagation of Buddhism, as some of the emissaries of Ashoka, such as Dharmaraksita, are described in Pali sources as leading Greek (Yona) Buddhist monks, active in spreading Buddhism (the Mahavamsa, XII[2]). The reign of Ashoka Maurya could easily have disappeared into history as the ages passed by, and would have had he not left behind a record of his trials. The testimony of this wise king was discovered in the form of magnificently sculpted pillars and boulders with a variety of actions and teachings he wished to be published etched into the stone. What Ashoka left behind was the first written language in India since the ancient city of Harappa. The language used for inscription was the then current spoken form called Prakrit.

One of the more enduring legacies of Ashoka Maurya was the model that he provided for the relationship between Buddhism and the state. Throughout Theravada Southeastern Asia, the model of ruler ship embodied by Ashoka replaced the notion of divine kingship that had previously dominated (in the Angkor kingdom, for instance). Under this model of 'Buddhist kingship', the king sought to legitimize his rule not through descent from a divine source, but by supporting and earning the approval of the Buddhist sangha. Following Ashoka's example, kings established monasteries, funded the construction of stupas, and supported the ordination of monks in their kingdom. Many rulers also took an active role in resolving disputes over the status and regulation of the sangha, as Ashoka had in calling a conclave to settle a number of contentious issues during his reign. This development ultimately lead to a close association in many Southeast Asian countries between the monarchy and the religious hierarchy, an association that can still be seen today in the state-supported Buddhism of Thailand and the traditional role of the Thai king as both a religious and secular leader. Ashoka also said that all his courtiers were true to their self and governed the people in a moral manner.

According to what I have received, as Ashoka, Thoth established an inner circle of priests to whom he entrusted "Sacred Utterances" of his visions. These were actually originally given by him to a priest/priestesshood in MU (Lemuria) when he was the "Lord Melchizedek." Now as Ashoka, he presented several "books" of the Melchizedekean Sacred Utterances to his Indian priests. Shortly after this, Ashoka/Thoth departed the form. He had intended that these priests pass the "Sacred Utterances" on to select schools of chanters...for these Utterances were to heal and restore living things (actually transforming the DNA). However, only a few schools were created, and due to an epidemic, the original priests died and the schools came to an abrupt end.

ThothHorRa has requested of me that I create a series of mp3s bringing forth some of the very basic utterances for recalibrating the DNA. We shall see how this project unfolds. Vedic Chanting comes from the original Melchizedekean Sacred Utterances, although it is not identical to it and only represents some of the first levels of these Utterances.

The Akashic Repository of Thoth
  • Akashic Repository of Thoth

    Akashic Repository of Thoth

  • Akashic Repository of Thoth

    Akashic Repository of Thoth

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Akashic Repository of Thoth

‘Akashic’ is an eastern term which, according to Thoth, refers to the planetary ‘Recorder Cell,’ where thought, feeling and occurrences throughout all time in the planet’s history are stored as a record of knowledge within the subtle etheric substance of the planet. However the nature of the akashic records are much more complex and far-reaching than might be imagined according to Tehuti, whom we also know as Thoth, and who holds the title of being the ‘Great Akashic Scribe.’ He tells us that the akashic is an etheric subtle energy region arranged into bandings which are concentric shells within and around the Earth. These akashic energy bands or shells have a very high resonance with the God-Source emanating from within the human element. The electromagnetic and gravitational force fields of the planet are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information, also providing stability to their structure. These energy bands are formed through the interaction of two distinct dynamics, which then form a third that becomes the final qualification for the planetary akashic records.

The first two dynamics are 1) the divinity within human souls and 2) the Planetary Soul. The Planetary Soul is the living essence of the planet, the heart of Gaia. These two dynamics interact to form the World Soul which the Lemurians called the Sheila. Thus the World Soul is formed via the combined Light of the souls present within the planetary experience, in interaction and combination with the Planetary Soul. So it is the World Soul which is then the basic format for the akashic records held in the concentric energy bands previously mentioned. As they vibrate with the dynamic of the World Soul, fields of resonance with the God-Source are created within their parameters. These akashic energy bands interlink to form three dimensional geometric patterns. These patterns then comprise the ‘recording crystals’ within the Recorder Cell or akashic of Earth. Thoth tells us that the most basic of these patterns is called the acosha, and is actually a single ‘crystal.’ The acosha is in the shape of a dodecahedron. Upon each face of the acosha dodecahedron the thought forms of the World Soul create etheric ‘ripples.’ The type of thought within these ripples determines where it ‘records’ its impression upon the crystal, and upon which face of the crystal it is to be recorded. Each recording crystal is receptive to receiving the impressions of specific types of thought forms, just which ones is determined primarily by the degree and quality of the illumination contained within the thought. This is the manner in which the thought forms containing the knowledge, perception and wisdom as well as the illusion of the ages of Earth, are catalogued into the library of the Recorder Cell of the planet.

Within the ‘main library’ of Earth’s akasha, there are two major levels. There are the higher or Greater Akashic, and the lower or Lesser Akashic records. In the Lesser Akashic, every thought, feeling and expression of consciousness expressed upon the Earth is recorded and compiled according to the intensity level they find within the souls of Earth who produce them. In other words, whatever is continually ‘fed’ by the power of mind and emotion in humanity, builds a field of increasing intensity within the Lesser Akashic. Some of the most prevalent consciousness thought-forms in the Lesser Akashic would be such things as the world’s religions, common issues of survival, and politics. Many of these records contain accurate and true information. However, they are also liberally inter-mixed with many illusions that are born of mass belief systems as well. When accessing the Lesser Akashic, the individual akashic investigator’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will be magnetically attracted to information (true or illusional) that supports their own inner feelings and beliefs. If the akashic investigator is exceptionally clear mentally and emotionally, and not egoically attached to their ability to access the information available within the Lesser Akashic, they can move amongst the strong currents of lower magnetic energy present, and align with the highest truth to be found in the Lesser Akashic. The Greater Akashic does not actually store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul (those of the planetary consciousness) as does the Lesser Akashic. Rather, it alchemically extracts the nectar, the purest knowledge-forms from the Lesser Akashic and translates them into highly defined ‘Light Inscriptions,’ which are then ‘flamed,’ or inscribed, into the heart of each crystal in the Greater Akashic field of the Recorder Cell. Understand that there is only one Recorder Cell, with two main fields, or levels.

These Light Inscriptions then emanate repeating pulses of Light Language imaging from the center of the recording crystal, which can be intercepted by a sentient being. In order for a sentient being to ‘read’ the Greater Akashic Record, they must first be able to receive this information deep within their own ‘Recorder Cell.’ Therefore, the individual is not ‘channeling’ as it is commonly understood when working in this level of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the Greater Akashic recording crystal within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell, and the prototype Recorder Cell within their own crystalline DNA spirals. The information that is contained within the Greater Akashic which the individual has then ‘attuned to,’ is sent to their brain-mind complex from their own Recorder Cell to interact with the individual’s process of thought formation. Thus, it is through the individual’s thought formation process being modulated with this higher level information that some communicable understanding of the knowledge received is effected. Unfortunately, while the information received in this manner is relatively pure, it is also very difficult to comprehend when it is transcribed into the common languages of the Earth. This is due to the fact that in this current reality, we have structured our languages to communicate a very limited understanding of the Omnipotence we call ‘God’ and the many aspects and nuances of divine expression. Thus often another translation factor needs to be applied. There are various adjustments that can be made, but in my case, Thoth supplies me with keys and codes, or ‘guidance commands,’ which I can use as a ‘Rosetta Stone’ to further translate the information. This is accomplished on a subconscious level, whereby these key ‘codes’ are placed into my auric field and therefore ‘read’ by an area in my brain which is responsive to them. The codes are in the form of pictures or ‘pictographs’ that prompt and orient my language center into a greater comprehension of the knowledge being released from my Recorder Cell. In addition, Thoth often directly answers my questions, this information flow also comes to my conscious awareness via my Recorder Cell. In addition, when I need clarification concerning certain types of material, Thoth many times then guides me to other areas of the Greater Akashic in which the specific knowledge can be located to give me a larger perspective on the original information I am attempting to translate. Since I play an interactive role in ‘de-coding’ the knowledge downloaded into my Recorder Cell from the Greater Akashic, Thoth refers to me as a ‘source translator.’

This whole procedure for me, or anyone working primarily through direct receipt of the Greater Akashic is not an infallible program; most especially in that the mental-personality has to be involved at some level in interpretation of the information so that it may be brought into a pattern suitable for planetary comprehension. It needs to be realized that all humans on the planet interact with the Lesser Akashic. They contribute to it and receive imprints from it, both in dream and waking states, that influence their lives. Thus we have the Greater and Lesser fields of the Akashic present within the Recorder Cell of the Earth. The Lesser Akashic is influenced and greatly controlled by lesser human thought-feeling impressions; the Greater Akashic is impersonal and responds only to the essence of truth within the soul. Thoth states that in the case of the Higher Akashic, although it "does not store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul," it does integrate with it, as it extracts the purest essence, or nectar, from the Lesser Akashic. Thus, this is the manner in which it integrates with the World Soul via the Lesser Akashic realms. Yet there is another, even greater realm of the akashic, which Thoth defines as the ‘Supra-Akashic.’ This field is not within the Earth domain, but is comprised of the akashic recording crystals of the Universe. It operates similarly to the Greater Akashic of the Earth, but is not integrated with any individual ‘World Soul.’ Instead, it contains the harmonic musical language of the Angels, Archangels, Elohim and all the Creator Lords of this Universe. Because the Supra-Akashic does not interface with the Lesser Worlds directly, only ‘master souls’ of Earth can as yet interact with its high level hologramic thought-form information. When this planet enters its ascended phase as the ‘New Earth Star,’ souls present within that reality system will then be able to start accessing some of this higher level information as the Supra-Akashic begins to feed select harmonics into the New Earth Star Greater Akashic field. Thoth tells us that as a planetary whole, we will integrate our individual Recorder Cells directly with the Supra-Akashic once our planet moves through the Mazzaroth (zodiac), and enters under the command of the Mazaloth (greater state of universal being). This will be a gradual ongoing process beginning with the Earth’s entry into the ascended New Earth Star reality and will complete at the end of that next cycle, which he calls the New Earth Star Aeon.

The Records of Thoth

Now that a good understanding of the nature of the akashic records has been revealed, we can investigate the ‘overlay’ upon the Greater Akashic field called the ‘Records of Thoth.’ As I have said previously, certain Master beings (including Thoth) have their own ‘repositories’ of knowledge within the Greater Akashic. These repositories are actually filters which define the ‘pure extract’ taken from the Lesser Akashic in a specific modality of divine encoding. Thus the souls who are meant to work with that certain form of encoding can more accurately discern its particular essence within the whole ‘Light-brary’ represented in the Greater Akashic. This is kind of like ‘flagging’ or ‘tagging’ files on a computer hard drive for a particular operation, like when you do a back-up to a tape drive. The tagged files form a new ‘database’ of sorts, that can be considered a repository of information which has been created from the existing files on the hard drive. Why is this necessary? Thoth explained to me that this world and all aspects of the universe in which the Earth resides, are in a process of returning to Source. In this process, the many components of this universe are all moving toward the full-Light spectrum (Source) at different velocities, or rates of evolution so to speak. In order for all these differing aspects of the fallen universe to move in a confluent manner towards Source, various levels and modalities of guidance must be inserted into the Light Program of Return issued forth from the Divine Hierarchy of Light. Within this framework, the ‘Masters’ have their service, and in concordance with that service, many develop and maintain their distinct repositories of knowledge within the Greater Akashic Light-brary.

There are individuals who are ordained to the service of working within these repositories to re-insert the knowledge contained therein into the planetary consciousness aspect of the World Soul. This occurs in synergy with other souls who are required as well, in order to effectively disseminate and hold that consciousness vibration within the World Soul dynamic. The net result of this activity then, is to help bring some of the various components of this universe, in this case those primarily related to the Earth, into synchronization in their evolutionary movement with other aspects of the universe. In other words, the Masters are working to help bring the slower aspects of the universe up to the same speed as the faster moving components, by accelerating or quickening them via the release of the ‘pure’ information contained within their specific repository in the Greater Akashic. These releases are carefully timed by the Hierarchy to assure that the acceleration will serve the greater purpose of synchronization, rather than cause further imbalance. From among all these ‘Master’ repositories, Thoth informs us that his is somewhat unique in regard to the manner in which it was originally formed, and in how it is organized. It is for this reason that the archetype of Thoth or Tehuti, which bears his name and higher mind impression, is known as the ‘Scribe of the Gods’ and the ‘Guardian of the Akashic.’ There are ancient texts that state the living Thoth-Hermes was the author of some 3,000 books. We must consider that this master soul was upon the Earth twice where he used the name ‘Thoth.’ In the first experience he came to Earth as ‘Toth-mus-Zurud,’ a being from Orion who lived 5,783 years on this planet in that embodiment. He returned later in the planet’s history as the Earth-incarnated Thoth Raismes of Aphra who was born in Tibet and lived 300 years.

Certainly in all that time, he could have easily written 3,000 books. This is how I had imagined it to be until he recently informed me that during his two consecutive lifetimes as ‘the Thoth’ on Earth, he actually wrote not one single book of any kind by his own hand or even through dictation! When I then asked him about the Emerald Tablets which he was supposed to have written, he replied that these tablets had actually been impressed with an ‘energetic fire’ coming from his chakras while his body was in a supra-luminous state. They therefore contain ‘fire codes’ which can be translated into a codified text. This is also true of several other ‘works’ which he inscribed upon gemstone in this manner. However these are not comprised of actual written information as we would define it, and the gem-encodings of Thoth are few in number. However, in his embodiments both as Toth-mus-Zurud and Thoth Raismes, he directly inscribed several thousand ‘books’ directly into the Greater Akashic via the previously described process. This whole body of work which Thoth committed to codification and expression through divine fire, forms the original doctrine or overlay, for the ‘Records of Thoth.’ As such it became his repository of Knowledge and Wisdom in the Greater Akashic. In both the ancient and recent past, there have been source translations by other souls of the Thothic works in his repository, yet he informs me that they were never placed into the written word through any activity of his own.

After his two ‘Thoth’ embodiments on Earth, this soul continued to incarnate into specific key experiences on the planet. All the while he maintained the template of his Thothic form, which he could re-create genetically at will. His soul would then return to this higher genetic vehicle at regular intervals between his other incarnations in the Earth’s experience. He is currently in his ultra-genetic ‘Thoth’ body within the Inner Earth realm. During the times when he is working in this Thoth form, this being has continued to ‘Light-inscribe’ updated information into his akashic repository—the Records of Thoth. This activity not only places Thoth’s signature of spiritual expression and mastery upon the Greater Akashic, as have other Master beings done with their signature as well, but also inserts these Light inscripted codices within the repository itself. These insertions then further enhance and direct the presence and essence of the divine programs contained within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell.

Thoth also tells us that both Enoch and Melchizedek maintain Light inscripted codices in the Akashic. The records of Enoch and Melchizedek are composed of a few specific etheric ‘books’ which link into other areas of the Greater Akashic via specific Light encodings. Consequently the development of knowledge within these repositories is dependent upon the entire field of the Greater Akashic. Without these ‘links’ to other portions of the Greater Akashic, the information stored in their repositories cannot be deciphered by human sentience. Thoth’s repository is singular in its form and operation in that his many and voluminous Light Inscripted Akashic texts vibrate with the hologram of the whole Greater Akashic initialized within the very crystals that contain his recordings. In other words, Thoth’s repository of knowledge contains all knowledge inherent within the Greater Akashic as part of its own form, but yet is not limited to that base of knowledge. In this way his texts are still a part of the whole synergism of the Greater Akashic, but the ‘mountain’ comes to his repository rather than the information within the repository having to move outside its own context in order to connect to the whole. This does not infer that Enoch’s or Melchizedek’s repositories are inferior to Thoth’s, but that the nature of their work is different. Indeed, it is the ‘nature’ of Thoth’s place in the higher planetary Hierarchy that creates the uniqueness of his presence as a Master being, an Archetype and a ‘Keeper of the Records.’

Journey of the Beloved


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