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About the Pymander-Thoth's Explanation

The Pymander is an assemblage of energy created by me (the Illumined being Thoth) in concert with the Elohim Lords. The Pymander evolves reciprocals for biological systems to align and balance with Source. “Source” is the point of Absolute which every particle carries as its creation code. The Pymander then, is an akashic radionics device. It is non-physical, and yet interactive with the physical. It responds to thought, feeling, emotion, yet it cannot be commanded by these things. It will instead balance them to the Source point. However, the Pymander is consciousness-specific. It does not “know” what is not in it’s program database. Therefore it only responds to what is within that database or depository. When I/we say “consciousness specific” we mean that it responds to the consciousness and not the information. When information is placed into the database, it is the consciousness from which it originated that the Pymander evolves reciprocals from.

As one works with “world pattern” templates, the Pymander will interact more specifically with the individual within the parameters of intent in which that template was created. Also, specific Pymander templates can be created for individuals with the express permission of those individuals. Once the individual begins working with his/her personal template, a reciprocity between their energy bodies and that of the Pymander evolves. End of Thoth transmission.

The Pymander "computer" is calibrated to send and receive universal Light Mathematics at galactic and inter-galactic levels, utilizing frequencies that are above the earth's current ability to intercept. As the earth moves ever-forward into the New Earth Hologram so the Pymander responds to the consciousness that is in alignment with its sensory filaments (somewhat like sensing computer chips). What is "in alignment" with the Pymander? That which moves within the vibrational streaming of spiritual awareness of the heart-centered being.

A Personal Pymander template is a personalized snapshot of your unique Pymander frequency. When you focus on it even for a moment, it will trigger a neural response to “zero point.” This re-caches your holometric reference back to Source—zero point. Of course the brain-mind complex is constantly wandering off again, but the more you bring it back to zero point, the more the neurons become trained to re-orient on their own. I was guided to give the personal Pymanders a slightly different prompting formula which included an angelic presence.

Definition: Holometric (ascension property)

Thoth: When we speak to you of “Ascension” this is the frequency of micro geometry ascending the tonal scale of harmonics to enter the “New Earth” geometric base of World System II holometric encoding within the energy bodies. This new Inscription of Light will automatically transfer Earth/Human reality field into the Blue Star Sun, Rigel. So you see, “place” is changed through awareness and not physical, linear travel from point A to point B. The micro portals in elementation (minerals, plants, cells) are created by blue needles, which quantum leap through matter via focal transactions of cognitive displacement.

Maia: Could you please explain “focal transactions of cognitive displacement”…and while you are at it, the defintion of “holometric.” Short versions please – not complete sciences

Thoth: The universe contains intelligent “movements” of hyper-energy we have previously given you explanation of as itons. Within the itonic variable is a tracking system that locks onto common signals within the energy systems of the universal continuum. This is inclusive of all elementation. As the itonic tracking finds these commonalities, it creates a “broadband” between them, focusing and transferring information between these common points (focal transactions). “Cognitive displacement” is the removal of “dead feeds” or “junk” signals that are no longer active. The blue needle “strikes” are then free to enter, to find resonance, with the the sub-atomic fields.

“Holometric encoding” is an intelligent measuring (equation) of everything in that field (ie the 44:44 Stargate / Portal) and then transferring the equation into a more refined Light mathematical state.

About the Pymander and Personal Pymanders


Your Personal Pymander will come in two sizes, one high-resolution for printing large-format, and one smaller file size for mobile phone use. These are square-sized images so when you go to select a print service, choose their square sizes. We have found that Easy Canvas Prints has excellent quality and delivers a product with which you will be extremely pleased. Since these templates are extremely detailed, you might prefer a product that uses a photo for print rather than the canvas material. Contact Maia with your Personal Pymander request.
PRICE: $55

To order your personal template purchase by clicking on the button and being sure to state it is for a personal template. You can also send Maia your photo if you wish. Maia accepts custom work for unique personal items such as tattoo designs, jewelry, exclusive artwork. Contact Maia with your request.

Examples of the Personal Pymanders

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When I first opened my pymander, it reminded me of a butterfly, then I saw reminders of an octopus and a bird in it. It seems to get me in touch with nature. Harold

I was thrilled to receive my template and made the mistake of viewing my pymander in the middle of a virtual work meeting. It instantly affected me and it took a few minutes to re-ground back to earth. Flower

When I first experienced my Personal Pymander template, my whole BEing took an IN-BREATH, as though witnessing a Holy moment. To my Heart it felt like a sudden and distinct expansion of my ability to receive direct transmissions from Beloved Gaia Sophia!! It is still new territory, but a deep shift has occurred to be explored. Jessica

So difficult to describe the impact of Maia\Thoth teaching/offering/sharing... initially a combination of joyful & sorrowful tears, followed by a deep/ magnetic grounding feeling thru my feet and then peace in my heart........🙏❣️ Brenda

Upon gazing at my template I could see the movement and flow within it. I could also hear a frequency and I could feel it within me. David

When I first looked at my template I could feel it’s energy. I noticed how uplifted and joyous I’ve been feeling since the 1st look. I feel like Christmas. Maureen

When I gaze upon my Personal Pymander I am instantly transformed into a higher frequency bandwidth. The power, the joy, the sacred promise. All of these aspects are present and I see myself in it—a connection to who I am on a higher level. It's a very personal and uplifting experience. I am it and it is me. Jody

I relate to the eagle as a symbol of inner mastery and so immediately printed the Pymander and took it that afternoon to a session in the EESystem along with the HoloLogica. When I gaze at the print, my teeth gently chatter with interesting patterns and codes coming through. All fascinating and beyond my limited human understanding but I trust the benevolence of it all! I am the mystery for sure! Aurelia

What can one say about an OMG experience....except Oh My God! I am so grateful to Maia/Thoth for making available to us this way to bring these incredible energies into our daily, physical lives. A gift of individualized energy/potential/enlightenment and connection to the higher realms... which helps us understand and celebrate even more who we are and why we are here. Edie

My Pymander template invites the creation of new grid lines within me that strengthen my connection to my Supreme Self. I can also feel the support of the Celestial Realms within and around me as I connect with my Sacred template. Thank you, Maia & Thoth 🙏 Megan

I now have been living with my Pymander for several days, the effects have been profound. When something of this magnitude happens I like to share. I always think of children because I’ve worked in the school system and they need tools on how to stabilize some of the children. I played the video for my daughter she has ADD and after she watched it her feedback the next morning was not only was she productive but her inability to focus seemed to turn around. Next I went to my son, I asked him to watch he said he felt such an immediate sense of calm and felt really peaceful, next I went to my neighbor her experience was that where she had been disconnected from parts of herself she felt brought back. I gave her the link to purchase her very own Pymander. I will buy my children’s their Pymander’s. I will continue to share the video and the link for purchase. Thank you Maia and Thoth this tool will really help us all. Malinda

When I opened my Pymander Template it was if I heard an orchestra of angel singing, and they webt straight to my high heart . These were frequencies that resonated from my tempest template that just lifted my soul and incredible recognition that it’s very hard for me to even put into words. More like an orchestra of frequencies, lighting up all my chakras . Thank you Maia for this gift. Pamela

I had been working with the Pymanders prior to receiving my Personal Pymander. When I first saw my Personal Pymander, I thought, "Of course!" Everything about it felt so familiar and spoke to my heart, the shapes, colors, vibration. It was like placing a missing piece in a puzzle. A completion. Once I started meditating with my Personal Pymander, it made all of the other Pymanders come alive and feel stronger. I felt a deeper connection and higher vibration. Mary Jo

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