Maia's Activation Store

Welcome to My Activation Store

Here you will find my offerings in art to inspire your personal connections to inner self and spirit. All the art is personalized for YOU with keys and codes of harmonic presence and purpose.

Personal Pymander

A Personal Pymander template is a personalized snapshot of your unique Pymander frequency. When you focus on it even for a moment, it will trigger a neural response to “zero point.” This re-caches your holometric reference back to Source—zero point. Of course the brain-mind complex is constantly wandering off again, but the more you bring it back to zero point, the more the neurons become trained to re-orient on their own.

Custom Art for Websites, Books, Projects or Personal Objectives Available!

Activation Art is overlighted by Thoth and influenced by Maia’s insights from the Akasha. You can review the videos in the Mysterium Teachings collection for art examples. These are encoded for optimal spiritual receipt. Below is an example of activational video art. To inquire about artwork for your projects, contact Maia.

Blue Star Rising the Templar Awakening

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