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In early 2020 I received transmissions from Thoth about the Inner Earth and then that summer individuals from Seraphim, the main city in the Inner Earth, visited my living room in a kind of astral projection form in order to begin setting up a specific energy field. This was the prelude to the assignment by Thoth for the mission of the Quantum Logica Interactive project. Subsequently I found out about the 90.10 technology and the quantum field generated by these devices, and I felt Thoth urging me to find out more. While there are many devices "on the market", some are questionable but the 90.10 technology is authentic and powerful.

To understand how our Quantum Logica Interactive team on the surface of the Earth is collaborating with an Inner Earth Team based in Seraphim to clear, re-align and adjust Gaia's energy circuits using Teslaphoresis methods and quantum entanglement, please watch this video.

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Quantum Logica Interactive

Our Quantum Logica Interactive project has an active group of committed members on Circle, a community building online platform. If you are interested in joining the QLI Project and becoming a member, please contact Maia.

Prior to becoming a member, it is requested that you watch all the videos on this page and familiarize yourself with the QLI Project as well as the 90.10 technology we are using.

Saphora Temple House

Quantum Logica Interactive

A short tour of Maia’s Saphora Temple House in Crestone, Colorado. How the Cube-Terminals are set up within the whole schematic.

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Acquiring 90.10 Devices

My affiliate links on the 90.10 store help support my work with the Quantum Logica Interactive project. I am not charging for my work in the Quantum Cube Logica Project, although at this time I spend a large part of just about every day on it. I appreciate you using my links to purchase items from 90.10. Important! For the QLI Program, get the Zero Point capsule.

To order the Cube simply use my regular affiliate links. When the page opens, click on "products" and you will see it listed. Ignore the Forever Freedom Pack unless you already own a Cube.

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