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About the QLI Project

QLI is a long-term project initiated by my inner-planes/inner earth mentor ThothHorRa, who has been in communication with me directly since 1977. This project is in cooperation with the Star and Inner Earth Kindred (together forming the Noblis Terra Nata), as part of a much larger ascension facilitation for humanity and the planet. I have been in communication with the Star and Inner Earth Kindred all my life, the more conscious interaction beginning in the 1970s. The actual QLI Project was brought to me by my mentor Thoth in 2020. I have a large on-going body of spiritual sciences which began in the 1970s in both written and now video format. These works are the backbone of the QLI.

Those of us within the QLI project have two levels of interaction.

The core group are the Terminal Facilitators who own quantum devices which act together as a network, streaming Light frequencies into the planet at specific points on or in the earth and into related cosmic regions. These frequencies are coming from the Hierophi Cube within the hollow of the earth in the region and city of Seraphim. The Hierophi is a quantum device created through intuitive circuitry or what surface earth scientists have recently discovered as “Teslaphorisis.” The Hierophi Cube acts largely as a terminal for intentional Light programming to be translated into frequencies and then broadcast or streamed into our QLI Network of terminals. As our terminals then in turn stream these frequencies into the planetary field, they are creating intentional wormholes for the Noblis Terra Nata to then send much more sophisticated data into those nodes and grids. They need the cooperation of surface earth humans to facilitate this, as we have a specific genetic current which is unique to our reality zone. Thus the devices we employ for the streaming are only focusing tools. It is our genetic crystalline network that is being used to actually send and receive for this process.

The Noblis Terra Nata are part of an even larger effort to help earth and its Kind to achieve what Thoth refers to as “Light Principle 40.” LP-40 is the quantum flash moment when we move from a World System I to a World System II. The physical earth as we know it is then no more, but the Earth as a Light Quantum Experience continues through the Planetary Genius, retrieved from the inner sun or Atoma of the earth as the whole Gaia system takes a giant LEAP into a new cosmic space and higher awareness on a more subtle physicality. Another level of QLI are those individuals who do not have Terminals, but are still involved with focusing their intention within the project.

QLI is not only helping the planet to achieve a readiness for the quantum leap, but it is helping those persons within the program to achieve a greater Light quantum as well. In this way, it is also providing a teaching and assimilation of Light codes. While there is no fee to participate in Quantum Logica Interactive, monthly donations are encouraged. Those who contribute $20 or more per month are placed in the private Patrons Group. They have access to the Vault of Thoth, which is a library (downloadable pdfs) of my SOURCE/TEMPLE DOORS monthly issues from 1980-1999 as well as some earlier manuscripts.

To learn more about QLI, you are invited to watch the video below. To join QLI, please contact me, (Maia) directly.

2023 UPDATE Much has evolved in QLI since I wrote the above around three years ago. However, the core work is the same.

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Introduction to QLI

Basics of Ascension Dynamics

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