Soul Family Merkabah

Thoth on what he calls Merkabic Soul Families

The ancient Assyrians called the nesting of souls into light-geometry patterns, elgilish, meaning to interlink, to harmonize, to grow brighter through synergy, to become complete in unity. Their ancestors (and many who then walked among them) were from the stars NOT Annunaki but Star Kindred. The interloper Annunaki came later. These Star Kindred knew the patterns of the cosmic way and how these patterns were out-picturing geometric patterns in the etheric. The Assyrian priests and priestesses of Onomu studied all such patterns, including the geometries of soul nesting in families or merkabic groups. Those Onomu priests and priestesses who specialized in understanding, viewing in the akasha and interpreting the nesting geometries of soul families into symbolic association, were the prakta—the "knowing ones”.

An individual seeking greater understanding of his/her soul connection to the alegisi or soul family, would visit a prakta. The prakta would gaze into that person's akashic field and view the symbols and images associated with their merkabah family. They would also see the actual geometric pattern of the nesting. The prakta would then create an artwork or "medallion" using these symbols, colors and metals. It would be an actual metal-crafted talisman. The individual would then wear this talisman at a times when they wished to be in sacred union with their ancestors. In this sense, "ancestors" meant souls in their merkabah family. At one time on the planet, only souls from one's soul family incarnated in physical family units. This changed, but the concept of "ancestors" remained and simply then became inclusive of incarnated family members, regardless as to whether or not they were truly a part of one's soul family.

The merkabah talisman would act as a "word-picture" (logo) for the individual to attune not only to the "family" but to the energetic light geometry of his / her soul within the whole family nesting vehicle. By opening the path between one's own soul purpose and divine orchestration and that of one's complete soul family, there is a powerful transference of energy-consciousness from the greater family to the individual soul. In the final analysis, however, it is important to recognize that ALL souls are part of our soul family, for each family connects within a larger wheel of light, within an even larger wheel of light, on and on. The Egyptians also knew of, and worked with the concept and energetics of their soul families. This knowledge came to the Assyrians and Egyptians from Atlantis, and before them, from Mu (Lemuria) the Mother of all humankind on earth.

The Merkabah Logo I create from the same ancient font of Mu, following more the design format of the Assyrian prakta, only my medallions are done through AI art to be viewed on computer, web or printed out as artwork. They nevertheless do carry the charge of the metals I digitally employ to create them. They are more dimensional than the ancients could create, containing a greater dimension as more subtle imagery can be used.

Merkabah Families

I see Soul Merkabah Families as "nesting" one in the other. So this would mean that on the 1st Level (your immediate merkabah) is your direct Soul Family. The Logo I create for you embodies aspects of this energy, I believe. But since it is nesting in finer and finer gradients it also contains vibrations of those gradients, moving further and further into the Great Cosmic Pattern.

Soul Family Merkabah

The symbols have more of a "relationship" than a specific meaning. They relate to your soul path within the Family Merkabah chain. This relationship could be expressed in various symbols, but these are the ones that were "opened" to me. The Merkabah Logo contains not only the vibration of your soul and Soul Family, but in it's most outer form of the symbols, what you are aspiring to gain in your evolution within this lifetime. Meditating on your Merkabah Logo can be a powerful experience. These Logos are also intended to allow others (who are reasonably sensitive) to experience your soul / Soul Family energy in essence as a vibrating fingerprint of your part in the whole.

I will create an individual's "Merkabah Logos" based on my akashic insight. This personal logo will radiate the essence of their incarnation and planetary service. The Merkabah Logos I create are not "magical". They require you to find resonance with them and claim them as a living symbol of your Soul expression and Unity with the All. Once this occurs, so others will feel that connection to you through the Logo as well.

You will be able to download your Soul Family Merkabah in two sizes: smaller and one very high-res.

Cost: $55

Examples of Soul Family Merkabahs

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