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Maia’s consultation provided me with personal information from the akasha not just my life, but also about my son. My consultations helped me to understand my soul purpose here on Earth. I was also excited to hear from Thoth through Maia. It is a privilege to have a consultation with such a high caliber Light being. I was able to talk to an Angel!! Maia is so full of light, high intelligence and the purity of her soul is quite radiant. It is an honor and a privilege to connect with her. I highly recommend a consultation with Maia, each one is individual, each one has a high purpose. Maureen

When I first signed up for a consultation I didn't know what to expect. I came prepared with two questions, one health related and one about what to do with my life. Those questions were answered while other questions naturally emerged from the conversation and I was able to record the consultation on my computer for review at a later time. Talking to Maia was like talking to a friend I hadn't seen in a while although I hadn't met her until the consultation. Harold

If you have ever considered an Akashic reading, look no further. As an Elder in the field of Akashic translations since 1967, Maia Chrystine Nartoomid is a repository of infinite knowledge and her relevant messages are a proclamation to our world; a gifted Akashic translator, guiding souls in understanding their life purpose. I will never forget my first consultation with Maia and neither will you Vera

I did an Akashic Records consultation with Maia and so much awareness and openings came after that. Maia has a very special and sacred ability to read one's akashic records. The feeling is like she lives there—everything comes so naturally. Maia is an exquisite human being. She was born with many capacities and levels of higher knowing which makes her an authority in guiding humanity to higher dimensions and planes. She is really a very unique soul and such a specialist in connecting with Thoth. If you ever get an opportunity to have a reading with Maia don't miss it! You will be in for a ride. Fatima

How do I condense a trip through parallel realities that lead to an incredible healing and mind expanding experience? It's as if suddenly Maia had unlocked the door to my own akasha and now I can readily access it for myself. Flower Breath

I first met Mystical Maia many years ago...over the years, mostly when feeling stuck on my journey, I have consulted Maia and have always, always received inspiration and guidance. I still use templates that have come through and consider myself totally blessed to know this precious, sweet and integral being! Aurelia

My main intention for my consultation was to learn more about how I could accelerate the evolution of my consciousness, access more of my abilities to be of service, as well as how to contact and work with my Star Kindred colleagues. Very detailed and practical information was relayed, as well as details about my star lineage and physical bloodline. The entire consultation resonated with me very deeply, and I intuitively felt that it presented an overview of who I am on a multi-dimensional level and how I could work on those levels effectively. Jody

Some years ago now I had my first consultation with Maia. Her ability to read the Akasha was stunning and gave me deep clarity. I had questions that Maia answered in ways that amazed me as at the time she did not know a thing about me. I was looking for clarity regarding three relationships I had had over my life. She gave me clear answers that helped me to understand the soul lessons involved but also the karmic aspect of my purpose based on a particular lifetime where these three people and I were related before. It touched me to the core of my high heart and soul as so absolutely true, and so crystal clear I could see it. It was also liberating to understand one of the reasons I was here on a level I had not before. It was the beginning of a new Journey of which I will always be grateful that I undertook. Pamela

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