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New Earth StarInner Academy


Prepare to enter a realm of Ascension Consciousness with many ports of call and places to explore in your interior world! The New Earth Star Inner Academy is the font for the lifetime Mysterium Teachings since 1967 from the etheric Temple of Thoth of Maia Chrystine Nartoomid. Maia is an Akashic Translator with direct access to the Akashic scrolls through her long-time mentor, ThothHorRa. This body of work represents a pinnacle in the field of Sacred Science and can be considered a foundation for extensive and deep immersion into the knowledge necessary for understanding ourselves, our human and stellar heritage, Gaia, our galactic and inner earth history and connections, as well as the ongoing mechanics for the Ascension process. If you have ever wanted to delve deeper into the Mystery and broaden your understanding of where we are now as human beings on this beautiful planet Gaia, how we got here and where we are going, you are invited to enter this mystery school and join in the journey of awakening. As you and we attune to this Greater Reality from heart consciousness and begin to vibrate at increased levels of frequency, you will be part of the collective effort to evolve our human race, as well as Gaia and all natural life.

There are many groups participating in this effort, each in their own way, including our Interstellar Kindred and Inner Earth Kindred. How exciting to know that so many are being called to a higher level of understanding and activism, expanding our collective consciousness in heart-centered action. Together we can change the narrative, take back our divine birthright and understand and acknowledge our power to create a new reality, banish the forces of darkness and control and usher in a New Earth Star.

There are many portals, ways and means ongoing for this process, you are invited to enter this one.

This website is just the beginning of what is to come. Decades of material on old WordPress sites are being gathered, reorganized and will be added to this website. Visit often to discover what has been added!

A Few Gems From the Akashic Stream

These are just 4 of the core concepts of the Thoth Akashic Stream. Many more videos on sacred science concepts are found in the Video Portal. Portal 1 contains the Introduction to the Mysterium Teachings of Thoth and is a good place to begin your research.

Ascension Dynamics 101

Basics of Ascension Dynamics

The word Ascension has become a keynote for a global event of world changing proportions many believe is coming in the not too distant future. My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa uses this term as it allows many human beings to identify, basically, with the process that he elaborates upon.

Pure Gem Body & M-Stra Molecule

Pure Gem Body & M-Stra Molecule

Thoth speaks of the Pure Gem as the future ascended state of the human form. It is a multi-faceted Light vehicle for the soul. Thoth encourages us not to wait for the future, since time is a multi-dimensional vehicle, past and future can be summoned into the now moment.

The GENIUS & Doctrine of Signature

the Genius and Doctrine of Signature

I invite you to come on a journey with me. It's a journey to the center of the earth to the Planetary Genius, and how we are intrinsically connected to Gaia through this GENIUS. It's quite a story, so let us begin.

Lady of Light

Lady of Light

On the night of April 3, 1998 I saw clearly in my mind's eye the statue of liberty against the night sky. In her uplifted hand at the top of the torch she holds was a brilliant sphere of light resembling a blue/white star. There was a fine beam of white light emanating from the heavens above the statue which culminated in the brilliant sphere of light above the torch. Thoth immediately opened the scroll for me whereby I was able to see and understand the essence of this vision.