Thoth and the Christ

Thoth is what I (Maia) refers to as a Grand Illuminari. While his purpose and function in the spiritual Hierarchy that serves the earth in its evolutionary progression is somewhat different than that which was accomplished by the Christed Master Jesus (Yeshua / I’shoa), it is nonetheless complimentary, and the activities of Thoth fall under the authority of the Office of the Christ.

The Office of the Christ is a direct spiritual deliverance from the Most High and Holy God to the human soul. As such, this Office is beyond the scope of any Hierarchical agency, function, or specific station of Light. The individual divine beings which serve under this authority, such as Angels, Archangels, Masters, and Illuminaries, offer themselves to this Office in divine service. However, the potential of divine issuance available through the Office of the Christ, is not limited by the capacity of any of these Hierarchical beings or agencies, they only serve as a co-creative facilitative force with the Office of the Christ.

Jesus’ and Thoth’s souls are two of the 9 souls of the Adam Kadmon Supra-Being which holds the form of the pure divine image, or Image and Similitude (Heb: Bat:salmaynu-Kidmoothenu), for the earth. In fact, the higher akashic records of the earth reveal that only 3 of these 9 souls have ever had any experience upon the earth in an actual embodiment. The third of the nine Adam Kadmon souls which has had incarnative experience on the earth is the second Christic soul. This soul is differentiated from the pristine Christic soul of Jesus, in that it took a path of incarnational service in the earth through a series of lifetimes prior to Jesus’ birth. The purpose in doing so, was so that a proper genetic lineage could be prepared for the one and only divine incarnation of the Christed Master Jesus. As of 2016, it was revealed to me that this incarnational Jesus soul was the same as that which embodied in Osiris.

The soul of Thoth has also taken numerous embodiments prior to, and since, the time of the Master Jesus. His purpose was to become engaged with the earth’s genetic strain without becoming karmically involved. Other ascended Masters have taken karmic involvement with the earth in order to blaze a fiery trail back to the Divine Kingdom, so that others could follow their lead. Thoth has been assigned the function of being here to help hold the envelope of Light through which the Ascended Masters were commissioned to blaze the path back to. The soul of Jesus however, incarnated upon the earth to lift the karmic veil of the earth for the many beautiful souls who had become entangled within the snares of matter. This great soul did not become karmically involved with earth either, despite the physical tribulations He endured. The element which made this possible is the supreme manifestation of His Divine Love. When a soul is in the expression of Divine Love to the degree that the Christed Master Jesus was, then there is nothing that a fallen world such as earth can do to place a stain upon it. Thus, He “died for our sins,” meaning that He made an ultimate sacrifice of physical incarnation in a world wrought with cruelty, materialism and hatred, as a divine service to the souls of the earth, including those who in the end destroyed His physical life and form.

Thoth’s embodiments before the time of Jesus, were designed to hold a specific focus for the primary Christic soul of Jesus (the Pure Soul). This focus was a complimentary and balancing force for the work of the second Christic soul (Osiris), which was within incarnational experience, and of necessity was also karmically engaged with the earth in order to prepare the genetic lineage and path for Jesus’ incarnation. It was intended, that the Pure Soul of Jesus should incarnate only once upon the earth, thus the secondary Christic soul and Thoth’s soul, offered themselves to help prepare the way for His coming.

Both Thoth’s and Jesus’ souls are from the higher stellar worlds of Light in Orion, worlds referred to as the Mazaloth (2 Kings 23:5) in the Holy Bible. Thoth brought the Enochian Table to the earth from Orion, from which the design for the Great Pyramid at Giza was derived. He was known to us then as Thoth Raismes of Aphra, an embodiment he had in the ancient Egyptian experience. It must: be understood that the most ancient Egyptian culture, which dates back much further than current archaeological information indicates, was working with a monotheistic format, and included symbolic and conceptual elements that are comparable to the current Christian symbology and theology. It was only later in history as the degradation of the Egyptian (and many others) culture became prominent, that the numerous archetypal deities which represented the various aspects and qualities of divine issuance, became associated with a separative and polytheistic expression.

Thoth is also a divine archetype. Divine archetypes are patterns of consciousness. Many times these archetypes are imbued with the essence of a soul who exemplified and embodied the pattern, other times they are universal and have no corollary to any specific soul. The archetype of Thoth could be best be described as one which holds the pattern for spiritualization of higher intelligence, mind, and ego, through the consciousness of the heart.

Thoth’s current purpose in interacting with the souls of the earth in order to revivify the sacred mysteries of the entire earthen experience, so that we might re-capture the golden essence of those experiences within our souls, and then carry that forth into the – future as a heritage for the New Earth. These sacred mysteries as revealed by Thoth, are held in a special Akasha repository called the ‘Records of Thoth.’ In brief, these records hold much of the pure sacred knowledge form for the planet. You could think of them as an original record of the planet’s entire sacred history. We can use the analogy of a computer hard drive: if you were going to let someone work with some valuable computer files, and wanted to be sure you did not lose their original form, you would make an additional copy on your disk (or place a copy on the Cloud). This way, the original version could be referenced from time to time to be sure that the alterations which are being made still contain the essence of the original. The second copy corresponds to the Records of Thoth.

There are akashic records which are commonly available to all the souls of earth as part of their evolutionary process. As this process is taking place, the akashic records (the available copy) are of necessity being altered as well. While much of the alteration serves a positive purpose, many times the records are also purposefully manipulated by dark forces, or slightly distorted through the misunderstandings and limited  perceptions of those using them.

Thus, when Thoth allows information from the Record of Thoth to be released at various points in the planetary experience, the original knowledge is re-introduced and provides a correction to the current accessible version. This occurs in a way where the useful knowledge which has been added to the original as part of the earth’s evolutionary process is maintained as well.

Thoth has shown me (Maia) how, as I translate his Akasha and release it to the world, so it corrects certain portions of the original. I am certainly not stating that this is the only way they are being corrected. It is just one example of this process.