Grand Commander Michael Henry Dunn’s Introduction of the Priory of the White Stone on the Order of the Knights Templar Facebook page

The astonishing fact of the lineal and legal Restoration of the original Order of the Knights Templar is not intended merely to revive the mystique of a legendary Order of Chivalry, but rather to serve as a Bridge in Time so that the Grace of the Holy Grail – that poignant symbol of the transforming power of the Divine Feminine – may touch our hearts and souls at a time when the fate of humanity is at stake.

The Code of Chivalry, the Templar Code, the call to Sacred Activism and the defense of human rights in the face of tyranny – these are all essential to the true Templar heritage. And a “direct infusion of Grail Consciousness” is needed if we are to answer this call with courage, humility, and love.

The Templar Brothers and Sisters are finding each other again in this critical time. Ancient Templar Priories are being reborn. Lineages lost or hidden or disguised during centuries of danger are emerging from the mists of history to openly stand with the Restored Templar Order.

The guidance and courage of our beloved Grand Master, Prince Matthew of Thebes, continue to inspire us all as the banner of the Restored Order is raised openly again.

We gladly welcome the Priory of the White Stone into the Templar Order – a profound library of mystical knowledge under the guidance of Prioress Maia Nartoomid, whose lifelong work has been to bring forth the the ageless grace and wisdom of Grail Consciousness which flowed from the Egyptian mysteries of Thoth and Isis into the transforming Divine Love of Christ – and of our beloved Dame-Dieu St. Mary Magdalene – into the original “Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon” – now restored in The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon

We pray that all the scattered true Templar lineages may soon be reunited – their unique voices fully heard and their autonomy and sovereignty fully honored – so that we may all drink together from the sacred cup of the Grail in joy and peace as One Family.

Michael Henry Dunn
Grand Commander
Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon