Reviews of Maia’s Akashic Counseling Sessions

I recently had a life-affirming Akashic Counseling Session with Maia Nartoomid. I had never had an Akashic reading before so I was open, yet cautiously optimistic about what the experience would be like. Maia set me at ease immediately at the onset of the session, specifically relating to me her method for identifying a few of my incarnations in order to find a pattern of lives and experiences that would inform the reading. Maia’s demeanor is lovely and disarming. She has a beautiful voice and is quick to put you at ease by letting you know the session will be recorded, so that you can relax and listen to the stories as they unfold. Not only did the lives she chose to read delight and surprise me with unique information, but the choices also revealed a common thread among all of them, which for me was my rationale for requesting the session with her. I came away from this experience with a new and beautiful understanding of whom I am in the deepest core of me. It was a beautiful, humbling and extraordinary experience I will never forget. – Debbie Major


I can say since stumbling upon Maia via some kind of divine intervention, extreme stroke of luck or what have you… 3 years ago….my life has never been the same. Her body of work is beyond stunning and it is so humbling to be honored by Maia’s acquaintance and her presence. Maia’s warmth, humor and authenticity in her delivery of such mind-blowing information requires mad skill….and her art work….If you want to take a trip from the ordinary to the extraordinary come and sample what Maia is cooking!!!! ( I couldn’t help myself)….
– Brenda Elder


Working with Maia has been absolutely amazing! She is the most caring, comforting and intuitive person. I have had a few readings with Maia and I am always blown away by her insight. She was able explain with her undeniable gifts and connection what my mission and purpose is . She shared with me lifetimes I had that highlight common themes and threads I deal with and carry in this life. I could not get enough and was sad when the sessions were over. I am in Aw of what she does and highly recommend sessions with her. She is genuine and holds that straight crystal clear line of communication and connection to source. – Robbie Mullin


Having an Akashic reading goes beyond past life curiosity, the information gleaned will help navigate your way. As one who is on a life-long spiritual journey, I have had my share of Akashic readings; however, never have I experienced such an incredibly deep and thorough review as I did with Maia. Through Maia’s soothing voice and gracious manner, you will be gently guided as specific past lives are brought forth that may invoke a pattern or common thread that could serve as a valuable insight.

FYI: The Akashic records is where every single impression that has ever taken place in the universe is recorded. Some describe this as a universal or cosmic library where every detail is registered through sound, vision, and thought. Those with developed souls, such as Maia, can read these records. Maia’s decades of experience as an authentic channel is apparent from the onset and she immediately puts you at ease with her joyful personality and sense of humor. I suggest you treat yourself now to an Akashic reading that could very well turn out to be a life changing experience. I am grateful I gave myself this enduring gift that I will always treasure.
– Reverend Vera Lauren

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