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Maia is dedicating the rest of her life to expanding the outreach of her work by bringing it to life using the abilities our current technology provides—through visual narratives and explanations designed to enlighten, attune and activate our essences. Her work will be the foundation of a true Mysterium Teachings platform. The New Earth Star Inner Academy is where this font of Akashic wisdom is held, and her non-profit Spirit Heart Sanctuary is set up to receive contributions from those who resonate with this work and wish to support her and the New Earth Star Inner Academy's work. Your donations help support this timely and valuable effort and as an appreciation of your donation you will receive one of the gifts listed below. The amount of your donation that is tax-deductible is equal to the total amount of your donation less the qui pro quo amount of our gift to you as listed.

Important-please note that when you are in PayPal to make a donation, you MUST include a note indicating what it is for—the Stickers, the Pendant or the Bundle Package otherwise we will not know what to send you, or be able to distinguish your donation from other donations.

About the Reverse H Marker

The Reverse-H Marker was given to me in March of 2020 by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa. The information I am going to share with you here is what I received from him about it. It is my subjective receipt. Please tap your own guidance as to its appropriateness for you personally. The actual “H” Marker (not the reverse) was developed by a faction of the One World Legion for the purpose of co-opting natural frequencies and using them for their own “World Order” agenda.

The purpose of this actual H Marker is to disrupt what Thoth is calling “systemic orientation” in the body. However, it does not entirely disrupt it. There has to be some order to keep certain people alive. They don’t want us all dead. They need a certain very much controlled population...of young people. The H marker can be controlled remotely, so they can target groups and even individuals this way. However, this marker is not just about thinning the herd. Systemic disruption delivered remotely in various series of starts and stops (like Morse Code) can control, to some extent, those they don’t choose to kill. They already have other means of control of course, but this will be more potent.

Yet it has its Achilles Heel. They have designed the marker in the shape of a capital “H.” You can’t see it under a microscope as it is created from what Thoth is calling supra-defined sonics. In other words it is an energy-tone in its own little protective sonic membrane that is delivered into the body through 5G and other as yet hidden modalities, all with the hyper-sonic frequency range. Once in the body, the main carrier in this new stage of delivery is a designed shell which can simulate a virus. However, this is not the only means of delivery. Injection of similar elements can also not only host, but change the environment of the cells and the DNA, allowing the “H” to embed even deeper into the biological system and more importantly into the energy body.

Once embedded into the system, the H-Marker cannot be passed on to someone else through contagion, but it CAN be transferred genetically to offspring. The shell cannot live without the marker. If the marker fails, it’s host dissipates quickly. The marker has a specific energy spin and if that energy signature is changed even slightly, the marker disappears, as it is a pattern inside a sonic field. There is a way to alter the marker—reverse its spin by reversing its signature. But the signature is an “H.” When reversed it is still the same. This is one of the main reasons this shape was chosen.

However... Thoth has given me a reverse signature using the “H” with additional markers of dots placed at its axis. While not a magic bullet, the reverse-H or r-H, is a potent addition to disrupting all dissonance that does not belong in natural frequency patterns.

The r-H is further amplified through cubic spin and is energeticly depicted thusly.

The pendants and metallic stickers have been created by Joyce Culkin of Safe Space Protection. Joyce has studied BioGeometry for over 20 years as well as the teachings of Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect, as taught by Dr. Robert Gilbert at Vesica. She has had very comprehensive trainings on testing and treating environmental issues. Joyce tested the r-H Marker and was amazed at her findings. It seemed to move into all frequency systems she pointed it to and start to correct—to a large extent—the dissonance within them! Joyce’s pendants are infused with Shungite as well since Thoth stated that Shungite greatly amplified the r-H spin. Also these pendants project the full cubic spin. They have been burned in a 90.10 quantum cube and are connected to the Quantum Logica Interactive Network.

Reverse H Stickers

There are five stickers to the package. To apply, carefully lift the metal sticker away from the blue release stock keeping the clear adhesive on the metal. Position it onto a clean flat area. Press into place and remove the clear material from the metal. It cannot be removed once positioned due to the aggressive glue on the back of the metal.

Reverse H Pendant

This pendant is vibrationally encoded with a range of permanently imprinted frequencies designed to assist in keeping the energy field clear of interference fields that weaken a healthy energy flow. It overrides and transforms toxic interference patterns magnifying benign frequencies.

Ideal to wear when around electromagnetic stress-filled environments, with technologies, cell phones and a great support for travel.

Reverse H Marker and Pendant Bundle

This bundled package includes the Pendant and 3 Reverse H Marker stickers.

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