Core Material

 There is a common thread of language and presentation which I call the “mythos” running through all the Source Translations (channelings) I present. Below are links to pages on my Spirit Mythos archival website which addresses this core understanding.

The Writing: My Statement

ThothHorRa (my mentor)

The Akashic Records

Quantum Physics, Time and the Akashic Records

Akashic Definitions

Earth Genesis

Hawai’i Earth Dynamics

New Earth Star

Numis’OM – Eye of Metatron, Vol. I – 2006

The New Earth Hologram and the Dolphin Masters

 The Adam Kadmon  (Universal Human Being Template)

Crystals & Grids 101

Paramidis Radius

The Seven Suns of X’Al Chirhum

The AN (Ark) & Dweller Crystal Skulls

Thoth on the Origin of Humanity and the Current World Condition

IMPORTANT: The on-line periodical Numis’OM – Eye of Metatron no longer requires a subscription to access and is now part of the Spirit Mythos archives. However, because Spirit Mythos is so extensive I have not yet found all the pages where “subscription required” is stated.