Brief History of John Martinus, the Johannes Templars and the Johannine Church

According to the Akashic Record of Thoth

The soul of Thoth as Thoth Raismes of Aphra, comes from the House of SOLOMAE, from whence sprang the House of David, the linage of I’shoa /Yeshua/Jesus. Thoth is one of the Five Sun Spirits Overlighting. Two of the others incarnated as I’shoa – one of which was Osiris. The other had never been incarnated in this world before. The Osiris Soul left the body of I’shoa at Baptism, when the Christic Archangel entered into him. The Osiris soul would return into I’shoa at Crucifixion, to help the Pure Soul through that passage.

The Thoth soul was one of the layered souls of the Apostle John. It was through John that the Johannine Stream (Church) came forth. The Church of Peter was intended as an outreach to the masses, while the Johannine Church maintained the deeper font of the Christic Mysteries. The Petirine was active in FAITH, while the Johannes was Present in Knowing.

John Martinus was the only child of I’shoa and Mari, conceived after the Crucifixion, when I’shoa appeared to Mari on the Isle of Iona, where Mari and her companion guardian, a Greek named Martinus, had gone for this specific purpose. Some months after John was born, Mari left him in the care of the Ionian Priestesses, and continued her travels, taking her to France. At the age of eight, John was taken to what is now Glastonbury, accompanied by the Ionian Priestess Elaine. John Martinus was the soul of Thoth. So Thoth was one of the souls of the Apostle John and the single soul of John Martinus. Thus, John, the son of I’shoa, was really the true living Johannine Church. Thoth has called him the “First Templar,” as it was this John who established through the power invested upon him by his father, the ICTHUS DOMINUS. This was a holy doctrine upon which the Templars were established. An “Order” did not come forth from it until after the death of John Martinus, but it was he who instigated it in his final days…that upon his transition such an order was to be established. His wish was carried out by the two men and one woman who served him during his lifetime.

Thoth is calling this first Templar Order the JOHANNES TEMPLARS, but they simply called themselves the “Johanna.” It is interesting, but last night I received a date of 1112 AD for an important event establishing the Templars as “Templars.” I now Google the history of the Knights Templar and read in Wiki:

Around 1119, a French nobleman from the Champagne region, Hugues de Payens, collected eight of his knighted relatives including Godfrey de Saint-Omer, and began the Order, their stated mission to protect pilgrims on their journey to visit the Holy Places.” It also states that the Knights Templar was officially sanctioned by the Church in 1129.

According to the Thoth Akasha, the “story” of the Order being created simply to protect Pilgrims – while a noble part of their work – was not the reason the Order was established. In fact, Hugues de Payens did not really exist. The Johannes Templars needed a story to insert themselves into the public scene. AS I now Google this individual, Wiki says of him:  “No early biography of Hugues de Payens exists, nor do later writers cite such a biography. None of the sources on his later career give details of his early life. Information is therefore scanty and uncertain; embellishments depend partly on documents that may not refer to the same individual, partly on histories written decades or even centuries after his death.”  There was a Grand Master who called himself Hugues de Payens, but according to Thoth, that was not his true name.

Let us return to the topic at hand, which is the very important fact that the Knight Templar – The Order of the Temple of Solomon, came from the Johannine Church (Stream) and not the Petrine….and that the concealed Grand Master, who called himself Hugues de Payens, was the last of a handful of Johannes Templars or Johanna. Once the actual Templar Order was legally established in 1129 AD, the Johanna transferred to the inner-planes, where it continues to serve as The Johannine Corpus of the Rose Mystica. From my archives – Temple Doors 1 -1997 this inner order is described as: A gathering of six groups of twelve souls, for a total of 72, from this planetary realm who have dedicated their incarnative power to the quickening of the Johannine Consciousness in the Earth.

As for John Martinus…

Only months after his birth, Mari, according to the divine plan given to her by Yeshua, left the child in the care of the Ionian Priestesses and journeyed to the Rennes (le Chateau) region of Southern France. She brought with her the ‘Sara’ – the lineage of the Star-Eagle, a star tribe that had integrated into the Grail famlies. For a period of time in the life of young John he came to be with his mother in Rennes le Chateau, France. John Martinus later traveled to this region again, long after his mother’s death in Ephesus (Turkey), where she and the mother of Yeshua both ended their days. (On his last journey to Rennes) John Martinus brought the Grail cup to the holy ground in France where his mother had consecrated a shrine to his father. He performed a ceremony of Blessing there with the sacred cup, but it returned with him to Glastonbury where he lived and taught sacred principles to a select few quietly. John Martinus had one daughter and two sons. He was married twice. His first wife, Elisabeth died in childbirth giving him his daughter. His two sons were born of his second wife, Muriel. The sons were Thomas and Germane (Germain?). The daughter was Sara. Sara had a daughter who was also named Sara (Sara Bernice). It was Sara Bernice who came to Rennes (le Chateau) to do the ‘Work,’ living there for 26 years, dying at the age of 49. She was buried where the Magdalene Chapel now stands. this sacred ground was first consecrated by her Great-Grandmother Mari, and later by her grandfather, John Martinus. According to Thoth, John was buried under the ”Eve of Rens” at Glastonbury.


This is a genetic linage brought to Earth by the Venusian Lord Melchizedek, who established the Grail Linages…all from the “House of Solomae, which would branch off into two distinct linages eons later: The House of Judah and the House of David.