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New Earth Star Inner Academy – You are on it now!



Osiris Arising – the Osiris Arising Project & Dweller Crystal Skulls

The Crystalline Matrix  – crystals and grids of the Earth and their transformation into “New Earth.”

Island in the Stream – New Earth / transformational topics.

Arc of Metatron 777 – quantum New Earth science.

Tribelight Station – selected videos and articles to raise global conscious awareness (commentaries on them by Maia)

GODDESS Among Us – Goddess-related topics…the Mystery of the Goddess within!

NESIA Library and Research Project – For the purpose of collecting, organizing and publishing a library of the writings of Maia Chrystine Nartoomid.

New Earth Star Radio – Archival  Site – archive for my radio show.

Blue Star Love – on my book about the mystical and spiritual life of Elvis Presley

Light and Beauty in Second Life – New Earth Star Sanctuary & Friends
(in the virtual world of Second Life)

Mystical Streams – my Spirit Services

Priory of the White Stone – Maia’s Templar Priory site

New Earth Energetics – Energy Systems & Tools for Wellness

Spirit Mythos– Now mostly an archival site with over 1000 pages – a lifetime of my work. Topics include: New Earth, Old Earth, Inner Earth, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Cosmos, Angels, energy-art, akashic portraits and other mystical art by me.



Blue Star Rising Video Show  – You Tube Channel

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I am also Spiritual Director for the Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics