Letters to Maia




The following I found in my old catalog. These comments were sent to me in letters and in other’s publications around 30 years ago. “Christine Hayes” is my birth name. Since I was quite a bit younger than most if not all these people, I imagine they have crossed over by now.


“Christine Hayes is a clear channel recieving information of a deeply profound and predictive quality. . .her letters are…imbued with wisdom and knowledge of a rare nature.” -Bill Cox, organizer of ancient world expeditions and former editor of Pymmid Guide.

“A truly remarkable Woman, a fantastic artist in both word and song, who gives to us the sights and sounds of the Ancient Ages,the OId Ones. I have heard her and I have seen her, and I can only praise the wisdom and the knowledge that she has brought forth.”– the late Joan O’Connel, former editor of New Atlantean Journal

“I do not see how it is possible for the earth-bound surface-bound person to come up with the concepts, revelations, and specific (all integrated) data that you do. I know of no occult/metaphysical/esoteric organization that has gone into such inner-earth subjects with such clarity and detail. I cannot KNOW that it is truth,I can only BELIEVE, since I have no fully developed awareness and perception, going beyond the mundane awareness of we ordinary folk; but, by golly, it comes on strong as reliable stuff! Keep up the fine work.” – Harvey Larsen, former – editor of the Larsen File, in letter to C.H.

“I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the marvelous work you are doing to enlighten planetary consciousness. Your material is some of the most advanced I have had the opportunity to experience.” – John Davis, director of the Coptic Fellowship International, and founder of New Age tours to ancient sites, in letter to C.H.

“I was so fascinated and enlightened by the last issue of ‘The Source’ (#3-87) that I just had to fire off part of my response to you: it was absolutely special. . .of course words fail me when attempting to express my feelings to ward your excellent work, and will always consider myself most fortunate for having this material and the subsequent ‘blessings’ I receive each time I read them.” – Robert Schmiel

“Christine Hayes’ writings and comments have been of great benefit to me in forming a large framework with which to view questions raised by ‘alien abductions’ and other UFO-related phenomena. Her work on the ‘inner earth’ and the Merlin tradition is so richly detailed, too, as to demand serious attention from any student of contemporary metaphysics.” – Ed Conroy, author of “Report on  – Communion: An Independent Investigation of Whitely Strieber’s “Visitor Experiences” – published in 1989 by William Morrow & Co.


George L. Lawrence

An expert oceanographer, historian, cartographer, originator of the world’s first laser engine, the author of 46 books and articles (as of 1972) and in 1972, the managing editor of the ECOLA Institute (which engaged in nuclear radiation research, medical and agricultural bio magnetic research, and conceptive space research for NASA, among other studies).

MY EXPERIENCE WITH GEORGE LAWRENCE. I was 23 years old in 1972.

The Letters – brief excerpts only

December 18th, 1972

Dear Miss Hayes:

Thank you for your letter of December 14th. I appreciated your thoughts on interstellar communication…You have good insight and apparently a true touch of cosmic consciousness…pending adequate resources, we expect to establish a permanent interstellar communications observatory and museum in the Mt. Palomar region or at some other suitable site. No such facility exists in the world today. This will be a major public project and I certainly would welcome a top talent such as yours.

January 3rd, 1973

Dear Miss Hayes:

Thank you for your letter of December 28th. I appreciate the fact that your interest in interstellar communication and its peripherals is so broad and strong. Perhaps we can plan here on a broader scale….should it be possible to establish a working relationship between ourselves, I believe that you would enjoy being active in all phases of the observatory project…in this context, and looking at your own talent, we have the immediate possibility that new concepts, ideas, outlooks on human destiny in space and time, etc, can be presented to the public in both pictoral and printed form….Taken together, I share your conviction that superior knowledge and insight should not be withheld from the public. Today we enter into most critical times and it is vital I believe, that the public’s own cosmic consciousness should be kindled and enhanced.

Your thoughts on Utah, especially Salt Lake City, are interesting. I know the town and feel that it has a fascinating potential. Your salt concept intrigues me in an odd way. For organic salt is one of the main components of the biological transducers with which initial signals were intercepted in October ’71.

MY MOTHER AND I MET WITH LAWRENCE IN LAS VEGAS IN 1973. The follow excerpts from his letter to my mother, Doris refers to the machine he brought with him, which he had developed, and my interaction with it. It was intended that something about me (along with Lawrence’s reasearch) was to be published in “The Secret Life of Plants” by Christopher Bird and Peter Thompkins. However, it did not make that printing, and was intended for a follow-up book by these authors. I do not know if that ever came about. Dr. Bird and I had several conversations over the phone. Having worked at some point with Einstein, he was especially interested in my Akashc source translations on the mechanics of the universe.

March 13th, 1973

Dear Doris:

I have been trying to give Christine major international publicity. Here is the story: a few months ago, Dr. C. Bird, an anthropologist and biologist, invited me to contribute material to his forthcoming book titled The Secret Life of Plants…Bird did a profusely illustrated chapter on my work, especially with reference to the fact that that studies in plant physiology led to the discovery of biological signals from space. However, just before the manuscript was completed…I had the pleasure of meeting you. I was stunned by the fact that Christine (Maia) was able to elicit such a strong and repetitive response from our famous onion slice, hers within intervals of seconds! In any case, I passed this on to Bird…I believe that Bird will include this in his best seller (he seemed quite pleased).

In Another March letter to my mother but referring to me:

Your second issue of ALEPH (my publication at the time) is most excellent, as was the previous one…you certainly have a fine piece of work there.

In an April 5th, 1973 letter to my mother, Lawrence wrote:

A government agency has asked me to prepare data on a plant-response system, plus a sophisticated electronic prototype.


WE ONLY RECEIVED A FEW MORE LETTERS FROM GEORGE LAWRENCE AFTER THAT (last in 1974). We called Dr. Bird, and he too said the Lawrence had completely disappeared from his radar! We never heard from him again. Only recently, did I attempt to find him through Googling. I found mention that he died in 1993. However, there is nothing more about any work from him. Some of his older material was reprinted in a few magazines after that time, but I can find nothing new after 1974. He simply seems to have “gone quiet” from 1974 on. This after the “government agency” engaged him in some project (he wrote to us about this in 1973.)


The following is my reading and commenting on more of George Lawrences letters to myself and my mother, Doris; and some of our communication back to him. As I delve into the yellowed and some water-damaged letters of that long-ago time, I come up with some fascinating discoveries “live” as I am reading this on the video.

The most exciting to me, is his recalling of  a vivid dream he experienced and the symbol from the dream that he drew for me. I believe that was the last we heard from him.

I start out on the video saying that our communcation with Lawrence ended in 1973, but no, as I discover later in this reading, it was 1974.



The Dream: To The Inner Earth and Back


Lastly, I have no letters from astronaut Edgar Mitchell ( see my article Edgar Mitchell – My Memories of Him) who researched my science akashic translations  in 1972, telling me my science was indeed valid. I either conferred with him in person on several special trips to Houston my mother I made at his expense…or over the phone.

There is this mention in a letter from me to George Lawrence in 1973:

We have just returned from Houston where we conferred with Mrs. June Oldham of the Houston Branch of Capt. Mitchell’s organization EDMA (Edgar D. Mitchell & Associates). This office is concerned with the promotion of saleable commodites toward income for the organization. They are considering the publication of my books through their connection into a worldwide market. (This never happened.)