About Maia


My life’s path gives me a feeling of wholeness and healing within. We all are guided to do what fulfills us. While it may help others along the way, our path is OUR path. For me, I find it is definitely food for my soul.


I am a Mysterium Teacher under the etheric Temple of Thoth, a spiritual consultant, Akasha translator (reader) and digital artist. I have been translating from the akashic consciously as a profession of Spirit since 1967.

I received my diploma from the Sophia Divinity School for the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch-Malabar Rite in 2000, ordained as a Priest in that church. I am currently a Priest in the Ascension Alliance  (an independent Catholic movement) and Dame of the Johannine Templar  Priory of the White Stone.

I am  co-founder and now sole operative of Spirit Heart Sanctuary, a non-profit ministry. Within the New Earth Star Inner Academy, I outreach my source translations from the Akashic Records on planetary transformation and inner self-awareness, employing heart ascension principles. My  internet services extend to members and participants globally.

As of Feburary 2017 I have left Kaua’i (the Font of MU / Lemuria) and returned to live in Crestone, Colorado – the region of the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Temple Grid, Thresholding Chamber of the Sacred An, and Thoth Retreat. More about Crestone & the San Luis Valley.

Maia’s Life Story & Mysterium Teachings (videos) / My Story (written version) / A Heritage of Spirit Inner-Planes Mentor / Maia’s Services 



Light and Beauty in Second Life – I also maintain a presence in the virtual world of Second Life, where I have the New Earth Star Sanctuary. I hold spiritual gathering there, giving talks, discussions and guided processes. In addition, I incorporate these virtual forms into some of my activational Ascension videos.


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