About Maia


My life’s path gives me a feeling of wholeness and healing within. We all are guided to do what fulfills us. While it may help others along the way, our path is OUR path. For me, I find it is definitely food for my soul.


I am a Mysterium Teacher under the inner-planes Triangle of Divine Perception, a spiritual consultant, akashic translator (reader) and digital artist. I have been translating from the Akasha consciously as a profession of Spirit since 1967.

I received my diploma from the Sophia Divinity School for the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch-Malabar Rite in 2000, ordained as a Priest in that church. I am currently a Priest in the Ascension Alliance  (an independent Catholic movement) and Knight Regent of the Johannine Templar  Priory of the White Stone.

I am  co-founder and now sole operative of Spirit Heart Sanctuary, a non-profit ministry. Within the New Earth Star Inner Academy, I outreach my source translations from the Akashic Records on planetary transformation and inner self-awareness, employing heart ascension principles. My  internet services extend to members and participants globally. I now serve as Spiritual Director for the Sacred Academy of Global Evolution (SAGE) as well as counselor to the SAGE community in Crestone, Colorado.

The intersection of quantum physics and conscious evolution in my writings was validated in meetings with Edgar Mitchell, then an Apollo 14 astronaut and later founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, and through close correspondence with L. George Lawrence, the inventor of the first laser engine.

My subscription portal contains the “gold” of my material, exclusively for members, including discounts for services such as custom art and personal sessions.

I currently have my own radio show – New Earth Star Radio – as part of the Alternative Reality Radio.

Since my work with Thoth and the Akasha spans over 52 years and counting, I have been given via this translation medium, a unique language of definitions for the science involved, For this reason, you will find in my talk videos and radio show, I often read from my material, punctuated by my extemporaneous commentary.

I have published two books, Red Tree, an Akashic setting for high spiritual science, and Blue Star Love, a spiritual biography of Elvis Presley. 

As of Feburary 2017 I have left Kaua’i (the Font of MU / Lemuria) and returned to live in Crestone, Colorado – the region of the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Temple Grid, Thresholding Chamber of the Sacred An, and Thoth Retreat. More about Crestone & the San Luis Valley.

Letters to Maia (others about my work)Maia’s Life Story & Mysterium Teachings (videos) / My Story (written version) / A Heritage of Spirit / Through the YearsInner-Planes Mentor / Maia’s Services 



Light and Beauty in Second Life – I also maintain a presence in the virtual world of Second Life, where I have the New Earth Star Sanctuary. I hold spiritual gathering there, giving talks, discussions and guided processes. In addition, I incorporate these virtual forms into some of my activational Ascension videos.


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