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“Maia’s videos and materials have been healing for me on a spiritual level, and a source of inspiration for my life”
“I discovered Maia’s spiritual art when I was 18. Ever since, her work has built my own life”  – Kaylasa

I have been following and working with Maia for several years. Not only is she a wonderful and loving person on her own but she is a gifted and talented conduit for information from the spiritual worlds. Her artistry combined with the information she receives can open up new horizons in ones soul and spirit. I highly reccomend her portal for any one wishing to advance on their spiritual path. Her videos, art work and other things she has to offer there can only enhance ones being. It certainly did mine. – Sandra Lewallen

(Kyi’Ra Portal) Maia has a life’s worth of material, it’s really is an Akashic Google so well worth my Subscription. – Donna Evans

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